Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grand Final of Miss Borneo Tourism International Queen 2010

Last night, 20 persons of us attended the Gala Dinner at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu to support my younger sister.

I took half day leave from my office for a rest, so that I do not have to rush to the dinner at 6.30pm. Even my elder sister, mom and others back home early to prepare for the amazing night!

The theme for the night is Hollywood Glam and all of us dressed beautifully for this special night to support our Miss Chloe Lee.

The emcee for the night was Daphne Iking, one of our famous Sabahan beauty. Try to google search her if you don't know her.

The opening of the function was welcomed with cultural dance named "Borneo Exotica" by our very owned Kebudayaan Association, they are amazing and I'm enjoy watching they show each time they performs.

The Gala Dinner was served with Chinese styled dishes. Overall the food was okay and I love the soup very much.

Here comes the first show by the finalist - Traditional Custom. Most of them was wearing beautifully and they've work their best to impress the judges!
However, there was no prize for the best traditional custom, even though it was one of the show included.

The show includes Casual Wear and Dinner Gowns too.

The shows end with the Dinner Gowns Show and the gowns they were wearing as below and everyone of them was beautiful that night.

Saw the above picture and the three ladies in the middle among all the finalist and the organiser (Cassandra Patrick)? They are the Top 3 and the winner for MBTIQ 2010 is Elaine, a sweet and talented girl who won the Best Talent in the Talent Show previously. Proud to say she's a Sabahan too!

As for my sister. Hmmmm~~~~~ :D

Although she didn't won the Top 3 places, but she is happy with the three title won in the pageant competition! Namely, Miss Popularity with 7077 votes (saw it from Borneo Post this morning) from all of her supporters by using Tune Talk, Miss Charity and Nature Guardian appointed by PADI/Borneo Divers.

Something that I've learn from last night event and we really need to keep in mind, we really need to love our Earth (the sea, the mountain and the environment). We have been told that , all the finalist went for diving for Project Aware, and the result were 71kg of rubbish (includes plastics, bottles etc etc). OMG!

It's easy as its seen, but you never know if you never tried.

Okay~~ Going to end this post now. =)

p/s: I love my new tailor made dress.


  1. Lol, the Gala night was one heck of a night. I really like ur sister dress for the night and she look hawt in it.

  2. LOL~~
    Wasn't up to the standard you imagined?
    ;) Thanks anyway. She's happy about it, if she saw your comment.

  3. Hello Candy, thanks for the compliment! Hahahha! You went? Sorry for the late replies. I just check up :D