Friday, August 27, 2010

Coffee Club, Singapore

Remembered that me and my elder sister (meatballonline) were walking distances just to find the Ben & Jerry Outlet around Orchard Road for a cup of saliva drooling ice cream, and yet, we can't find the outlet that we saw when we were in the bus each morning.


However, we went to Takasyimaya for our afternoon tea session. Totally getting numb after the walk around the area over and over again.In short, we almost lost our direction in Singapore. It's sound funny, right?

We had our afternoon tea at Coffee Club, above the main entrance of the shopping mall and crowded with shoppers, tourists, corporate people and others. If I'm not mistaken, coffee club is quite popular in Singapore.

Found their official website : click click

I had Toffee Coffee Blended and can't recall my sister's drink.

The price is quite reasonable and the menus they served is more westernized.

My sister who's been on frequent trips to Singapore for the tour company, came to a decision to apply for Coffee Club Privilege Club. Woohoooo~~ Guess, she will be there again on this week's trip.


A great place to chill and to fill. Come~~ we go there for another relaxing shopping moments!


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