Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breakfast at San Francisco, K.K., Sabah

Updated on 22.09.2011 - The Cafe under the name of "San Francisco" has stop operating. Therefore, the Cafe has been taken over by Tong Hing.

Breakfast in a cafe, breakfast at McD, Dim Sum breakfast and everything about breakfast that we could mention...

It wasn't really the American San Francisco, it was the San Francisco Coffee Co. outlet located in Tong Hing Supermarket, downtown of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

One of my colleague told us that the breakfast was superb, however, it takes time for the chef to prepare the breakfast. One of the recommendation by her is the Beef Burger, its flesh was fresh and we could even see the goodness of fresh meat's when we cut it. *Imagine the flesh of the Burger we saw from those advertisements*

Before I headed to my make up class by The Body Shop on one Saturday morning, my elder sister and I had our breakfast there for the first time.

Besides having various All Day Set Menu, they serve Ala Cart too! We even found out that they even includes set menus for a cup of afternoon tea with Ice Cream (Ben & Jerry or Baskin Robbins) Waffles, Cakes and others.

Both of us ordered two different type of Breakfast Set which took about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. Furthermore, we need to choose drinks either Coffee, A huge cup of Tea (Sabah Tea and Lipton Tea for our selection) or Juice which came together with every Set Menu selected.

FYI, the slices of Ham, the bread and other ingredients is supplied by the supermarket to maintain their standard, therefore, we doesn't need to worry about the freshness of those ingredients. Even the Bake Beans are good to eat (I'm not a Bake Beans Lover, but its really taste good!)

I had American Breakfast Set, I can't finish the whole plate because it portion was huge with slices of Ham, 2 slices of bread which cuts in to four, scrambled egg and Bake Beans. The scrambled was wonderful! It's fluffy, soft and tasty.

Egg F.
Never tried it before, and it taste great with the spinach, the whole meal bread and the 90% boiled egg. *Scrumptious* and taste heavenly. The taste of the creamy cheese sauce on top was quite special that it doesn't taste like cheese.

See my satisfied face with the Breakfast Set I had!!

My sister suggested that we had our breakfast there at least one day in every month. And I can't wait for the next date to come. =)


  1. not sure whether san francisco coffee and san francisco steakhouse are related or not.. but the food are good.. pricey tho.. =)

  2. Hmm... Never heard about S F Steak House tho. I only know that they serve good food, and only the outlet have various kind of breakfast among all the outlets in Sabah.
    ;D Yea... A bit pricey with good quality food. Once in a while is okay. :)

  3. oh ho... i know dat tong hing supermarket.. hihi.. but S F is my 1st time!! da menu look delicious loo... thumbs up!

  4. =D Go and have a try!! Its really good!

  5. Tong hing... almost forgot where the location is.. hahahah...

    looks nice..nyum!

  6. Hi Cath, you should go there for a try when you are back in K.K!!
    yup! Really good! *Finger licking good!* hahaha ;)