Friday, July 23, 2010

【沙巴游】 昆达山 Fun in Sabah : Kundasang - Visiting to Don Bosco Children's Home, Bundu Tuhan

After we left Kinabalu Pine Resort, we stop over at the vegetables/ fruits stalls which located less then 5 minutes from the Resort to buy some goods before we continue our journey to Don Bosco Children's Home.

The children's home is located at Bundu Tuhan whereby smaller vehicles are needed and from the main road, we need about 15 minutes to reach the orphanage. Large buses are not suitable because of the bumpy road (we need certain time to reach there and the place was not well developed) and we need to pass through hills to reach the place.

Saw the picture below?? It was part of our donations from us to the children. Besides foods, we even collect those unused clothes and toys for them.

After 15 minutes, we reached Don Bosco Childrens Home. The children was excited and happy to see us, they lend a hand by shifting all the goods in to the building.

The side view of the building. Children are all over the places playing games with mates.

Some of the aunts had a conversation with the person who take cares of the children. FYI, he speaks Malay and he is a British who stays on Sabah for many years.

After a short visiting, we continue our journey to Kota Kinabalu and stop by another beautiful and unexpected place.


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