Sunday, July 11, 2010

【沙巴游】 昆达山 - 两天一夜 Fun in Sabah : Kundasang - A Night In Kinabalu Pine Resorts

On Labour Day, my mom's society (Trefoil Guild) organised a family trip for two days one night at our beloved Kundasang, where the breeze is fresh and the weather is cooling too.

After we had a walk at Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu Park, we reached Kinabalu Pine Resorts for our stay. We are exhausted, and its make me wanna take a nap after reaching there!!

Public like us drive all the way to the resort for overnight(s) and holiday with friends and family.

Me and my younger sister took some pictures here~ And the resort did took the picture and make it into postcards!

The booth is lovely and there was a cozy feeling in there. And how wonderful if couples having their candle lights dinner there.

The double bedroom I'm staying and I'm so lucky that I'm staying directly facing the whole mountain view! *Yay!!!*

The room was simple with all the basic needs and no refrigerator there.

When there was cool weather, people normally serves steamboat as dinner. Simple steamboat, and it was GREAT that we could finish it all except for the noodles.

Fortunately, I'm staying at the Block where I could see the mountain directly. I've planned with my roommate to wake up at 6.00 a.m in the morning and I make it!! LOL

On the second day,

When the clock strikes 6.00 a.m., we can't see the mountain, we could only see the fog around it.

Excitement came later~~

Besides, we could here the wonderful sound of "cookkoo" - the morning sound of a village where the chicken makes the wake up call!! Nice feeling~~~

And we feel fresh~~

I even took short videos for the sound and the surrounding environment!

We waited for the fog to clear slowly and my roommate help me took the photo.

See how am I excited about the mountain, not every tourist could enjoy the clear view of the mountain (Mount Kinabalu) when the ugly sister, Donkey Ears could be seen! Besides, when the weather is bad, we could only see the fog and non of the view of our mountain could be seen.

My mom and her Trefoil Guild celebrated Mother's Day at the Resort's restaurant. Her friend baked the cakes and it was tasty. Yummy!

We still have free time and me and my sister went for a walk and took pictures of the English styled surrounding.

Rabbit House. They only raise few rabbits in the hut.

I'm standing on pebbles, I heard that it could increase our blood circulation. And tourist was joining us for that when they saw us having fun with all sorts of nuts poses.

We could hear OUCH OUCH OUCH!! Quite hurt but fun!

Okay~~ Pictures session completed and we are leaving the Resort to the next destination! CHARITY CHARITY CHARITY and drop by other places for a short visit.

The ladies are cool (I mean my mom and her gang)!

That was the bus which we used as our transportation for the trip.

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Kinabalu Pine Resort, Kundasang, Sabah.


  1. This is beautiful.. might visit this place 1 day.. :)

    happy travel..

  2. Yup!! It's beautiful!!
    Come and stay for a night or two!

  3. hai..if you dont mind & if you still remember, which block u stay at pine resort, coz i wanna make reservation but i've no idea which block should i book ( Block where I could see the mountain directly )..
    hheheee..thanks :-) sharing is caring :-)

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