Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm so into L'Occitane

I've been influenced by my elder sister in this Brand's products for more than half a year.

The products really smells good (depends on our preference) and it's more to natural type of products with Almonds, Olive and different kinds of flowers. I do love it and my family members too (except for my dad and my eldest sister who's always busy)!!

Pic: The 90% of what I had including those gifts packs!

The Organic Olive tree extracts Masque really hydrate my skin, and giving it a moisture feels.

The Almond series really smells good and I do have its shower oil, moisturisers and gifts.. The shop attendant introduced the series and all of us (sisters) are satisfied and bought the same Shower Oil. Its makes our shower smells Almond-ed and feeling great after a whole tiring day.

Besides, I love the Toner and Moisturisers which makes my pore looks smaller than before!

I love my Rose perfume, but my bf doesn't like it, because its too girly, he likes sexy I think. =(
However, I still using it when not meeting him.! =D

In short, L'Occitane's products was GREAT and its truly makes my day, and I'm almost broke because of it!!

Need to control myself and less going to the Shopping Mall - Suria K.K.. =D


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