Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 10th 7K Sunset Charity Run

For the first time I've joined the 7K Sunset Charity Run on Saturday (12.07.2010).

We had a lot of fun and nice meeting the local peoples, friends, family and relatives and even the tourists whose having holidays here.

Heard that this time was the BIGGEST Charity Run in the history of the event!!

My mom, sisters and my mom's friends was joining the event together.

The Top 10 Miss Borneo Tourism (my sister on the right) was joining us for the run too!! =D

But she ran with her friends.

My elder sister's Adidas Kampung (Village) a.k.a. Rubber Shoe which cost only RM7.00, suitable for canopy walk and mountain climbing. She told me that it was comfortable, and won't hurt her feet. And I was like "....." (Speechless)

We walked to the starting point/ finishing point. Many people from different level of career joined for that event!

We are not required to run for the whole 7KM journey, the main purpose for the event is for the charity and not for winning purposes.

Lucky draws are included for those who made it within the time limits and run for the 7KM distance.

Briefing briefing.

Warming up with all sorts of moves. Kungfu, Elvis's styles etc.

When the clock strikes 5.17pm (1717 hours), we started our run with the Shakira's song and the World cup song!! It was excited and I love those songs. Students was singing out loud on the starting point!

We run half way of the distance set, where we run to the first checkpoint (almost the end and we could see the sea view from Sutera Harbour) and run forward to the finishing/ starting point again.

The food we bought from the food stalls at the Tennis Court. I love wedges and this reminds me the time during my studies in oversea, where I had wedges almost every week.

Yea~~ The food stalls at the Tennis Court. Internal Chefs from Sutera Harbour and external stalls been invited to sell food, drinks (Malaysian bites) and etc.

Saw the crowd?? All those in white T-shirts you saw are the crowds who participate in the charity run!

It was really one of the largest run I had experience!

I hope I could make it for the next year and the coming years ahead. And the most important thing is I NEED TO BUY A GOOD SPORT SHOES!!!


  1. That rubber shoes is not suitable for run. Sure pain! =)

  2. Haha =D
    Pain or not I don't know. But, I didn't heard her say she's in pain.
    heheheh ;)
    Should let her know about it!
    Thanks for the advice!

  3. She didn’t feel pain? Don’t tell she didn’t run! Btw, you’re welcome! =)

  4. I think she didn't feel pain, she didn't complaint either.

    She did run, but not much. Both of us speed up a little of our foot steps while walking.

  5. the last time i did a run was back in 2008.. for 5km though.. haha.. so tired after that! =P

  6. Whoa! Your sister & you really look alike! :DD

    DO visit me back :)

  7. Caryne :
    Hahaha =D
    Many people said the same thing.
    We are not twins tho.

    Come and join for the next 7K Run!! Its tiring but its fun!!

  8. wah...nice ler....u join some charity run here...i joined one charity run too. but i retired from running after got a baby...rather sleep now...kekeke....

    many foods there after the race

  9. haha~~
    You know what? I saw some ppl bring they baby together in the event.
    Baby sitting in the baby trolley (don't know what they call) while daddy hold it and run with it!

    You should have a try! Run with Dylan.
    Yup! The food very tasty too!