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Friday, July 23, 2010

【沙巴游】 昆达山 Fun in Sabah : Kundasang - Visiting to Don Bosco Children's Home, Bundu Tuhan

After we left Kinabalu Pine Resort, we stop over at the vegetables/ fruits stalls which located less then 5 minutes from the Resort to buy some goods before we continue our journey to Don Bosco Children's Home.

The children's home is located at Bundu Tuhan whereby smaller vehicles are needed and from the main road, we need about 15 minutes to reach the orphanage. Large buses are not suitable because of the bumpy road (we need certain time to reach there and the place was not well developed) and we need to pass through hills to reach the place.

Saw the picture below?? It was part of our donations from us to the children. Besides foods, we even collect those unused clothes and toys for them.

After 15 minutes, we reached Don Bosco Childrens Home. The children was excited and happy to see us, they lend a hand by shifting all the goods in to the building.

The side view of the building. Children are all over the places playing games with mates.

Some of the aunts had a conversation with the person who take cares of the children. FYI, he speaks Malay and he is a British who stays on Sabah for many years.

After a short visiting, we continue our journey to Kota Kinabalu and stop by another beautiful and unexpected place.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Town Cafe Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Time to chill on a Friday night with a close friend of mine.

She really nice and people like us who work in a stressful environment should be hanging out with friends some how.

I suggested Funky Town which located less than 10 minutes by car from our house. As what I heard from other friends, they told me that the food served are delicious.

We had Mango Juice and Lime Juice. Both of the juice was great and pure mangoes blended in the mango juice!!

The first dish was my favorite!!

Mushroom Soup

This mixture of different kind of mushrooms is my old time favorite. However, I'm not really impress with the mushroom soup served in Pizza Hut.

The main course that we are waiting!

Chicken Chop.

It is the recommended dish by the owner of the cafe restaurant.

I had a little of it and it was yummy as what they recommended. The chicken meat was marinated since the day before and its flavour really make us drool.

I had Lamb Chop that day, and it was wonderful.

Besides Western Food, they even serve Chinese food and other finger foods too.

Overall, they served very nice food in a cozy cafe with Oldies (music CDs) around the corner. I heard the owner will play his guitar whenever he want.

And Meatball should go there for a try.

Damai Plaza, Kota Kinabalu.
Opposite the main entrance of Yoyo Cafe and next to Maple Cafe.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

【沙巴游】 兰脑 - 保凌温泉 Fun in Sabah : Ranau - Canopy Walk at Poring Hot Spring

Continued with my previous post which I've missed out before we went to Pine Resort for a stay. Before that, we went to Poring Hot Spring which located at Ranau for canopy walk and bath!!

The first thing we do was filling up our tummy at Rainforest Restaurant.

As I heard before, the food was quite satisfied for a person like me, I like the fried bananas (pisang goreng) very much and it was sweet and tasty. Besides, both of my parents in love with the chicken wings!! They serves buffet styled lunch with Malaysian delights and a bit of Italian dishes (i.e. Spaghetti).

After our buffet lunch, we went for a walk in the natural environment and some of the aunts went for bath too.

Normally I didn't go for the bath at the public area (FYI, they have chalet for private use too), I prefer sitting beside inserting my legs into the water tub. I did wrote about the Hot Water Sulfur Spring before, click here to view the previous post about the water tubs!

We are waiting for our turn for the canopy walk at the main entrance.

The trail of the canopy walk began...

We saw varies species of plants along the way. Besides, we do a little of hiking in the woods too~~

There were few hanging bridges along the canopy walk. I went for the walk for the first time and it's quite deep when I look downward and frighten me that I need to hold tight to the rope besides. However, I love the natural view there!

The distance was a bit long and the weather was hot. We saw a man took off his shirt and went for the canopy walk, he even took pictures with us. =D

Yea~~ One of the uncle or aunt told us that the plant above was the first species of Orchid plant, it was small, just like the size of my palm ( the length of the white flower until the small green leaves.

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Poring Hot Spring, Ranau, Sabah.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 10th 7K Sunset Charity Run

For the first time I've joined the 7K Sunset Charity Run on Saturday (12.07.2010).

We had a lot of fun and nice meeting the local peoples, friends, family and relatives and even the tourists whose having holidays here.

Heard that this time was the BIGGEST Charity Run in the history of the event!!

My mom, sisters and my mom's friends was joining the event together.

The Top 10 Miss Borneo Tourism (my sister on the right) was joining us for the run too!! =D

But she ran with her friends.

My elder sister's Adidas Kampung (Village) a.k.a. Rubber Shoe which cost only RM7.00, suitable for canopy walk and mountain climbing. She told me that it was comfortable, and won't hurt her feet. And I was like "....." (Speechless)

We walked to the starting point/ finishing point. Many people from different level of career joined for that event!

We are not required to run for the whole 7KM journey, the main purpose for the event is for the charity and not for winning purposes.

Lucky draws are included for those who made it within the time limits and run for the 7KM distance.

Briefing briefing.

Warming up with all sorts of moves. Kungfu, Elvis's styles etc.

When the clock strikes 5.17pm (1717 hours), we started our run with the Shakira's song and the World cup song!! It was excited and I love those songs. Students was singing out loud on the starting point!

We run half way of the distance set, where we run to the first checkpoint (almost the end and we could see the sea view from Sutera Harbour) and run forward to the finishing/ starting point again.

The food we bought from the food stalls at the Tennis Court. I love wedges and this reminds me the time during my studies in oversea, where I had wedges almost every week.

Yea~~ The food stalls at the Tennis Court. Internal Chefs from Sutera Harbour and external stalls been invited to sell food, drinks (Malaysian bites) and etc.

Saw the crowd?? All those in white T-shirts you saw are the crowds who participate in the charity run!

It was really one of the largest run I had experience!

I hope I could make it for the next year and the coming years ahead. And the most important thing is I NEED TO BUY A GOOD SPORT SHOES!!!

【沙巴游】 昆达山 - 两天一夜 Fun in Sabah : Kundasang - A Night In Kinabalu Pine Resorts

On Labour Day, my mom's society (Trefoil Guild) organised a family trip for two days one night at our beloved Kundasang, where the breeze is fresh and the weather is cooling too.

After we had a walk at Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu Park, we reached Kinabalu Pine Resorts for our stay. We are exhausted, and its make me wanna take a nap after reaching there!!

Public like us drive all the way to the resort for overnight(s) and holiday with friends and family.

Me and my younger sister took some pictures here~ And the resort did took the picture and make it into postcards!

The booth is lovely and there was a cozy feeling in there. And how wonderful if couples having their candle lights dinner there.

The double bedroom I'm staying and I'm so lucky that I'm staying directly facing the whole mountain view! *Yay!!!*

The room was simple with all the basic needs and no refrigerator there.

When there was cool weather, people normally serves steamboat as dinner. Simple steamboat, and it was GREAT that we could finish it all except for the noodles.

Fortunately, I'm staying at the Block where I could see the mountain directly. I've planned with my roommate to wake up at 6.00 a.m in the morning and I make it!! LOL

On the second day,

When the clock strikes 6.00 a.m., we can't see the mountain, we could only see the fog around it.

Excitement came later~~

Besides, we could here the wonderful sound of "cookkoo" - the morning sound of a village where the chicken makes the wake up call!! Nice feeling~~~

And we feel fresh~~

I even took short videos for the sound and the surrounding environment!

We waited for the fog to clear slowly and my roommate help me took the photo.

See how am I excited about the mountain, not every tourist could enjoy the clear view of the mountain (Mount Kinabalu) when the ugly sister, Donkey Ears could be seen! Besides, when the weather is bad, we could only see the fog and non of the view of our mountain could be seen.

My mom and her Trefoil Guild celebrated Mother's Day at the Resort's restaurant. Her friend baked the cakes and it was tasty. Yummy!

We still have free time and me and my sister went for a walk and took pictures of the English styled surrounding.

Rabbit House. They only raise few rabbits in the hut.

I'm standing on pebbles, I heard that it could increase our blood circulation. And tourist was joining us for that when they saw us having fun with all sorts of nuts poses.

We could hear OUCH OUCH OUCH!! Quite hurt but fun!

Okay~~ Pictures session completed and we are leaving the Resort to the next destination! CHARITY CHARITY CHARITY and drop by other places for a short visit.

The ladies are cool (I mean my mom and her gang)!

That was the bus which we used as our transportation for the trip.

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise for Kinabalu Pine Resort, Kundasang, Sabah.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bakery House - Lembah Impian Country Home Resort, Sabah

Meatball and her bf brought me to Lembah Impian Country Home for the first time. They love to go there for a cup of English tea and a slice of cake even they go there for dating during the night. My sister always praise their cakes especially their Carrot Cake.

At the first sight when we entered the main entrance of the Resort, there was double storey buildings with decorative English and Malaysian feel. I'm quite impressed, maybe its because I'm missing the old times during my studies in oversea back in Year 2008.

We went to the Bakery House for our pre-dinner session, relax our self with a cup of tea and slices of cakes. Besides, they have donuts, breads and dinner menus like steaks and etc to fill up our tummy for the whole day.
The place have a cozy and warm feeling.

Browse through their website here!

My sister's bf took the photo for me. =D

The butter cookie is tasty and served with each cup of tea we had!!!

We had the Signature Cake which is the Chocolate Cake (I can't remember it's exact name), I referred to the attendant there for the choices, while the Carrot Cake that we selected was out of stocks.

Besides, we had Blueberry Cheesecake!! I love the cheesecake and it really have the cheesy flavour!!

And the chocolate was quite sweet for us.

Yea~~ That was the main entrance of the Bakery House.

The place was located quite far, maybe that's why public like us need to drive all the way to that place for relaxation, away from the noisy and complicated city.

* Tour can be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise to Lembah Impian Country Home Resort, Sabah.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm so into L'Occitane

I've been influenced by my elder sister in this Brand's products for more than half a year.

The products really smells good (depends on our preference) and it's more to natural type of products with Almonds, Olive and different kinds of flowers. I do love it and my family members too (except for my dad and my eldest sister who's always busy)!!

Pic: The 90% of what I had including those gifts packs!

The Organic Olive tree extracts Masque really hydrate my skin, and giving it a moisture feels.

The Almond series really smells good and I do have its shower oil, moisturisers and gifts.. The shop attendant introduced the series and all of us (sisters) are satisfied and bought the same Shower Oil. Its makes our shower smells Almond-ed and feeling great after a whole tiring day.

Besides, I love the Toner and Moisturisers which makes my pore looks smaller than before!

I love my Rose perfume, but my bf doesn't like it, because its too girly, he likes sexy I think. =(
However, I still using it when not meeting him.! =D

In short, L'Occitane's products was GREAT and its truly makes my day, and I'm almost broke because of it!!

Need to control myself and less going to the Shopping Mall - Suria K.K.. =D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010

My younger sister had made it to the Top 10 Grand finalist for Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010.

She's surprises and all of us too!!

But, we can't judge a book by its cover right??

Run through her blog at here!! [She's CHLOE]

She is working hard with her appearances and diet and she's looking great now!! No longer having round round face! LOL!

Wish her all the best in the finals!! GAMBATEH!!!

Click here for Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International's website!!

or Facebook!

p/s: Dear Friends, Bloggers and readers,

Please support my sister through sms and the charity for the SALT Movie Premier (FREE MOVIE TICKET with minimum donation) that will be held on Thursday, 29th July, 2010 at GSC, Suria K. K.. For further information, kindly click on to the website to know more about it!!

Its okay to do some charity and enjoy an action movie!!

Thank You!