Friday, June 4, 2010

Ritz Apple Strudel from Bugis, Singapore

I'm missing it badly... And the main thing is ----

me & meatball are happy that our Ritz Apple Strudel's delivery is reaching soon on this coming August. *wink*

One of the best Apple Strudel (The quality of the Strudel I blogged previously was unsatisfied lately, it makes me so disappointed when I went there for a drink) we found during our Singapore's trip. Her friend brought us to Bugis, opposite Toast Box and Bugis junction to buy the delicious Strudel and we bought it to treat our cousin who lend his for for few nights!

Now you see....


Level by level of pastry, apple cubes and custard!

The moment my cousin sliced it, wow~~ We could hear "CRUNCH" at that moment and when we bite it.... Real crunchy and yummy!!


August is nearly here!!! ^_^


  1. wow....looks very delicious....i never try one of this b4..but i bet its nice...hehehe

  2. yup!! Its really nice. Try to have one when you saw it! It can be found in KK (but the quality is not really satisfied as it used to be), KL and Sgp!!