Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lai Lai Casual Dining at Bugis, Singapore

After we had our shopping spree at Bugis, we went to a Taiwanese Restaurant for dinner!!

Fried Squid.

Egg Bean-curd with pearls and red beans. My sister love it!

Braised Meat Rice.
My sister had the below, the portion was large and she can't finish it. However, the taste was extraordinary and yummy!

Overall, all the food they ordered was good and the portion was quite large.

Amazingly, our Singaporean friends could finish the large bowl of Curry chicken Rice! OMG! Really big bowl (look at the middle bowl of rice)

A taste of the original Taiwan.

Location :
Opposite Ah Chew Dessert!!!!


  1. wah....that's a lot of food and portion looks huge...i love taiwan food. nice food pics!

  2. =)
    thanks for appraising!!
    I'm trying my best to improve my photography skills!!
    West Malaysia do have a lot of choices than East Malaysia o~~~
    Love to try more different kind of foods in the future!

  3. sure...u have very good basic photography, enjoy ur pics...

    to make it nicer, u may try to take the food much much close-up....sometimes u can take part of the food and tease the viewers a bit...and make them crave for need to snap the whole food pics all the time...just a suggestion....hehehe.

  4. I see~~~~

    Thank you thank you!! ^_^

    Thanks for the tips!! and I will learn from your blog in the future. =D
    I love and enjoy your picture much too! And baby Dylan is very cute and chubby!