Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CLOSED -Koganei Japanese Restaurant, Lintas Plaza, Sabah

UPDATED ON SATURDAY, 12.02.2011 AT 12.52 A.M. - Went to have my lunch on Thursday and the quality of their food dropped!!!! It's kind of disappointed though~

Even the same dish on Baked Cheese Udon ordered by my manager was disappointing and lesser than before.

Read my post I wrote before :-

Promised my friend - Diana to post this entry once I had dined in the new Japanese restaurant in town!!

We waited for quite some time for their renovation to complete and keeps asking for opinions from friends whether their food was superb or not!

And the answer is SUPERB!!!

Even though it was a bit pricey, but the quality and the taste was good. They even import prawns from oversea (can't remember whether it was from Japan or Hong Kong) to reach here in K. K.

F.Y.I, the restaurant claimed that it is the first branch in K.K. and originated from Hong Kong, and its make us wanted to pamper our taste buds even more!!

Few of us dined in for our lunch on a hot sunny day and blackout in the office for hours on the same day since morning!

I had Claypot Udon as my lunch which cost me RM19, and the portion was huge. Worth for the money we paid and it was scrumptious!!

The Udon is hand made Udon, and the crab sticks is different from the ordinary we had and sold at the supermarket.

Baked Cheese Udon. - cost RM20.

My manager ate this and I've tried a little and it was great, and recommended to be taken while it's still hot! It's like combination of Italian spaghetti with Hong Kong style baked cheese.

Besides, ala cart menu, they do have lunch set which cost RM9.90 and above to fill up our tummy.

Sushi~~~~~ Sushi~~~~ Sushi~~~~
Makes me drooled.

In short, I want to go there again!!!! I only had a bowl of noodles and I want sushi for my next dining!! I want to have Salmon Roe!!!

Lintas Plaza, same row with Yoyo Cafe and Upperstar, Kota Kinabalu.

p/s: Post those pictures taken with my Blackberry for the first time and luckily the quality was okay. =D
And from now on, I can snap my photos with my new BB!!


  1. wow... look really nice ;)

  2. hehe~~
    thank u thank u!!
    Go and tried some! its yummy!! =)

  3. udon!!! i lovey!!! and those photos look nice...

  4. hihi, nanged.

    and the food pictures look so the real lor...

  5. vivian: I love Udon too!!!
    xiaofu: hahaha~~~ then u meant it as a compliment?

  6. yup!! its nice!! remember to try it when you're back in KK! =P