Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meeting Hong Kong Film Star - 揚明

Had my dinner at Ocean Seafood Restaurant last night when we met him.

Before that, we saw a group of people that came all the way from Hong Kong (as mentioned by the tourist guide who bring them along) for shooting - I was wondering, maybe they came for food shooting? There was a pretty Hong Kong model (who I never see before) there together with her producer, assistant etc etc..

While having our dinner/ dessert session, I was looking around at the restaurant & I was wondering "Wow... That man really look like a Hong Kong Film Star o...", but at a glance I thought that was a person/ local people/ tourist who looks similar with the film star heading back to his car and I never seen him in real person, how I ever know that he is tall and muscular.

And I continue with our dessert session, while I was looking around again, I saw him again passes by those aquarium, and I was wondering " Hmm.. why this person keeps walking again and again at the same place..." Hmm~~ Suddenly, I saw a group of youngsters (a group of girls) standing beside came forward to him for pictures, and for sure what I see and thought was TRUE.

I told my younger sister about it, and she was soOoOoooo excited about it and she would love to take a photograph with him. What else do we do?? We walk forward to him and ask him for picture!!! =)

Oh my~ He was tall and muscular. He just smile as his respond of agreeing to take photograph with us when we ask him. Quite friendly though.

My sister "ham sap" him by hugging his waist tightly. LOL.

And she was so so so so so excited that she keeps repeating and repeating how she hug his waist after she took a photograph with him.


Click here if you don't know him.

p/s: Watched his latest movie named 飞女正传 (Fly with me) last month.


  1. That's why I put a link to let people to know who is he.
    Just click it.