Friday, June 4, 2010

The Green Connection, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Updating with my latest entry on 19th July, 2011 - Meeting GANGSTER at The Green Connection (click)!

 A step closer to the eco-treasures of SABAH. 

I manage to visit the nature theme park two months ago. Let me describe it as a very informative place for students and nature lover. It doesn't look like Zoo with lion or tigers and it doesn't look like Aquaria, KLCC either. A very creative spot to be visited by us.

Besides, we have been informed that the structure of the landscape and many other things were made by Sabahan (the local/ native people), the species of fishes, frogs and others are mainly local "Sabahan" too.
I didn't notice that Sabah truly have a lot of species that we should know and felt proud about! =)

The whole map of the nature theme park. It takes about 2 hours or more if we enjoying ourself in there, and 45 minutes to walk slowly (for sight seeing only).

Lorong Berliku- liku, which is beside the main entrance.

The maze with questions to be answer and ways to find out.

The were a lot of informative boards of explanation and habitation of many kinds of species from frogs, snakes, fishes etc etc.

We saw few types of turtles/ tortoises there. Besides, we saw ecologist (I assumed) that handle them with care and the eggs collected will be separated and it will be taken care of until the eggs hatched.

Saw the snake I took picture with? It was one of the shortest type of snake in Sabah. For your information, it could grow until the size of a coke tin and it was heavy too. It eat young baby chicks as its food (depends on their body size, just like me and you). ;P

I really like this snake, its called "T", because of its head had a letter "T".

The snake love to riddle and craw all over our body. I did took picture with it too!! I'm enjoying it and it won't bite, in case you are asking!

The snakes was born wild, but they grown with humans and well fed by the person in charge (PIC) there.

No worry, all the PIC there will be watching over us.

As we walk further, we could see corals, marine fishes and the most important -- THE SEA TURTLE!

The life under the Oil Rig, quite a protective area for the fishes.

We could even experience the life of the marine species. See how our friend here enjoyed his life!! =D

What I love the most about the corals - It have different kind of colours, types, its alive and some of them are in a "sleeping mode". Yup! They are sleeping, not dead for those which in grey/ brown or dirty coloured.

Star Fish

A huge and heavy one. We can feel it by touching them. They were PIC that will explain to us about the species they have in there. But, some of the words are too Biological/ Scientific words, I don't really understand (I'm a business management student) but very good to learn new things right?

The huge coral tank for deep sea sharks and other types of marine species. such as sting rays etc. The sharks are available for public to see after the tank is ready.

So much to say about the living creatures and we visited the Science Dome and the Life Dome before we end our visiting.

No living creatures inside, there were questions to be solved, puzzles and games for us to play and learn.

They really tried their best to solve the puzzle.

Lastly, there were gift shop and cafeteria for us to buy souvenir and have a rest after the whole distance walking and informative journey to get near to the nature. ;)

Very nice theme park to be visited!

Too much to say, too much to see.

Visit their website for further information.

The Aquatica KK and The Green Connection.

10 minutes drive from city, located next to St. John Ambulance's building.
Badan Sukarelawan Complex, KM 2 1/2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas, Sabah.

For an optional tour to Green Connection? Please visit Tropical Holidays Paradise


  1. oh god...tat snake were too damn big lah!! :-P

  2. Looks fun! I don't know sabah got this theme park. haha Now I know. :D

  3. Whoa!! Interesting!
    Is this a new place?
    Wanna have a visit there!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. ohmywf: yup!! The snake is big, but it could grow larger than that!

    John: =)

    Lindy: Yup!! Its fun if u love to experience the nature over here. We doesn't need to go to the real jungle to understand them after that. hehehe

  5. Dewi: Welsome.
    Yup, its interesting. & I love the nature very much.
    You can go there for a visit!! Quite easy to find, just click their website!

  6. Hello Mei, thanks you for pointing me here. You have a lovely blog and keep up the great work! Next time I visit KK, lets meet up.

    Malaysia Asia

  7. David Jr : =)
    Thank you thank you.
    Sure~~ You could meet up with us (Meatball, Chloetiff and me) - we all are sisters and we like to travel and All of us do write blogs!