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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CLOSED -Koganei Japanese Restaurant, Lintas Plaza, Sabah

UPDATED ON SATURDAY, 12.02.2011 AT 12.52 A.M. - Went to have my lunch on Thursday and the quality of their food dropped!!!! It's kind of disappointed though~

Even the same dish on Baked Cheese Udon ordered by my manager was disappointing and lesser than before.

Read my post I wrote before :-

Promised my friend - Diana to post this entry once I had dined in the new Japanese restaurant in town!!

We waited for quite some time for their renovation to complete and keeps asking for opinions from friends whether their food was superb or not!

And the answer is SUPERB!!!

Even though it was a bit pricey, but the quality and the taste was good. They even import prawns from oversea (can't remember whether it was from Japan or Hong Kong) to reach here in K. K.

F.Y.I, the restaurant claimed that it is the first branch in K.K. and originated from Hong Kong, and its make us wanted to pamper our taste buds even more!!

Few of us dined in for our lunch on a hot sunny day and blackout in the office for hours on the same day since morning!

I had Claypot Udon as my lunch which cost me RM19, and the portion was huge. Worth for the money we paid and it was scrumptious!!

The Udon is hand made Udon, and the crab sticks is different from the ordinary we had and sold at the supermarket.

Baked Cheese Udon. - cost RM20.

My manager ate this and I've tried a little and it was great, and recommended to be taken while it's still hot! It's like combination of Italian spaghetti with Hong Kong style baked cheese.

Besides, ala cart menu, they do have lunch set which cost RM9.90 and above to fill up our tummy.

Sushi~~~~~ Sushi~~~~ Sushi~~~~
Makes me drooled.

In short, I want to go there again!!!! I only had a bowl of noodles and I want sushi for my next dining!! I want to have Salmon Roe!!!

Lintas Plaza, same row with Yoyo Cafe and Upperstar, Kota Kinabalu.

p/s: Post those pictures taken with my Blackberry for the first time and luckily the quality was okay. =D
And from now on, I can snap my photos with my new BB!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lai Lai Casual Dining at Bugis, Singapore

After we had our shopping spree at Bugis, we went to a Taiwanese Restaurant for dinner!!

Fried Squid.

Egg Bean-curd with pearls and red beans. My sister love it!

Braised Meat Rice.
My sister had the below, the portion was large and she can't finish it. However, the taste was extraordinary and yummy!

Overall, all the food they ordered was good and the portion was quite large.

Amazingly, our Singaporean friends could finish the large bowl of Curry chicken Rice! OMG! Really big bowl (look at the middle bowl of rice)

A taste of the original Taiwan.

Location :
Opposite Ah Chew Dessert!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fourth Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival at Sutera Habour, K. K., Sabah

The fourth KK Jazz Festival was held on last Friday and Saturday, 18 and 19th June 2010.

I'd missed the previous three Festival held around KK and this is my first attempt to enjoy the Jazz music lives by Malaysian's musician, singers and singers from overseas too.

The event was held at the Covered Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf Country Club.

I attended the first day of the event and it was raining cats and dogs for the whole day. Most of us need to ran to the court after we parked our car.

The food was good which only cost RM8.00, which was reasonable. Besides, Double cheesed Burgers, they do have beers, chips, chicken wings and other finger foods prepared by the hotel's chefs at the food stalls behind.

The events was featured by Mood Indigo, Organamix, Island Jazz Connection, GPJQ, Roots, RTM Combo, UMS Big Band, Fingerstyle & Kidz and some special invited guests.

However, I love the below musician/ singers much!!

Kombo RTM Sabah.

Our very own Sabah Jazz Music Team that had been invited to perform in front of the higher level VIPs.

They are incredible and I felt in love with their instrumental performances and romantica~

Island Jazz Connection.

They came all the way from Pulau Penang and Sabahan/ tourist enjoyed their music very much.

They are really good, hilarious in some parts of their show. I heart their music to the max.

Everyone was having fun and getting in to the mood for that night.

I think he (the man with white shirt) was surprised when the audience reply to his music and followed the rhythm of his songs for that night.

Sabahan man~~~ Don't play play. We are quite sporting too...

Raja Putri Atilia.

I heard her sing before, and she is good~ Click her for the previous event I've enjoyed.

She'd launched her second album and it was in the market for sale now!

She's pretty and petite too. She was so bling with her sequined dress and eye- catching too.

She even told the audiences that if anyone who would love to dance on the dance floor, do come to the dance floor to sway with the music and she will dance with them too! She kept her words!

The event do prepared some lucky draws to the audience, but we wasn't that lucky to get gifts from DiGi on that night. We get the number"0001" in all the numbers they had (unexpectedly).

Amir Yusoff & Roots.

He was the singer for Nescafe previously and his hair was cool~~

His music was Superb, just like "Michael Buble". (I love Michael Buble's songs)

The Tennis Court which the event was held!!

Didn't attend on the second day of that event because I was busy and tired for other plans going on.

And I wish for no rain would fall on the days that the same event held for the next year and other coming years.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

【沙巴玩】 沙巴巧克力展馆专卖坊 Fun in Sabah : Visiting to Cocoa Boutique

Went to Cocoa Boutique, K. K., Sabah for the first time with THP's guests.

What's great about that place are - they're selling varieties of chocolates from non-sugar added, different kinds of special flavoured chocolates such as Durians, Bananas, CURRY, CHILLIES etc ec.

Besides, we can learn how to D.I.Y. and understand the methods of processing the cocoa beans into cocoa powder.

Sabah Map made by chocolate (Can see, but cannot touch)!!
Clever thought and looks the same with our Land Below the Wind's map.

Varieties of chocolates sold at the place.
For your information, their chocolates' products sold exclusively in the outlet itself and could not be found in other places such as supermarkets, airport etc etc in Sabah (unless other branches at other places).

Well explanation made by the crews and greet us with warm smiles too!!

DIY - hand made chocolates.
We could learn and consume our hand made chocolates. However, we didn't manage to learn it, they will set the time for the DIY classes if we inform them in advance.

The 12 zodiac chocolate wasn't expensive to purchase for our love ones.
It's was adorable and I felt like I won't eat it! How sweet~~

HOT CURRY and HOT CHILI chocolate.

It's really had the curry powder and hot chili flavour in the chocolates. It's a bit weird, but no harm to try one or two. Some of the guests all over the world requested Cocoa Boutique as one of their shopping spot, just to purchase these special made chocolates.

See those chocolates??
It was the products they are selling there.

Good chocolate for us to consume ourself and as a gifts to our friends and family.

Chocolate lovers do love to come to Cocoa Boutique. The price is reasonable and affordable too (depends on your selection). We could buy a box of chocolate too!!

Located at Tanjung Aru area. We could see the building when we passes by the road.

Affordable, yet reasonable. At least RM1.00++ for a piece of whole chocolate in the refrigerator at the main entrance. The price of a box of chocolate can cost over Rm30.00 (depends on the flavour we love).

* Tours with Tropical Holidays Paradise to Cocoa Boutique. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

An Eye opener in Singapore

I was caught by these beautiful scene during my flight/ landing Singapore.Justify Full

For the first time I saw such scene with ships all over the sea (large and medium sized) at a glance.

Picture: The Singapore port. I never thought that there were so many ships all over the place, compared to our Sabah port. =_="

Besides, I do love the night scenery of Singapore. Total satisfaction even though it was crowded with buildings.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant , Singapore

My friend treat me to an ala cart Buffet Japanese Restaurant.

The Salmon was fresh!! Any dishes that we ordered when we are not enough and we want more!!

The price was quite reasonable tho.

The Toufu was soft and silky!! =)

Sushi Bar!!
Saw all the good dishes?? Yummy!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Green Connection, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Updating with my latest entry on 19th July, 2011 - Meeting GANGSTER at The Green Connection (click)!

 A step closer to the eco-treasures of SABAH. 

I manage to visit the nature theme park two months ago. Let me describe it as a very informative place for students and nature lover. It doesn't look like Zoo with lion or tigers and it doesn't look like Aquaria, KLCC either. A very creative spot to be visited by us.

Besides, we have been informed that the structure of the landscape and many other things were made by Sabahan (the local/ native people), the species of fishes, frogs and others are mainly local "Sabahan" too.
I didn't notice that Sabah truly have a lot of species that we should know and felt proud about! =)

The whole map of the nature theme park. It takes about 2 hours or more if we enjoying ourself in there, and 45 minutes to walk slowly (for sight seeing only).

Lorong Berliku- liku, which is beside the main entrance.

The maze with questions to be answer and ways to find out.

The were a lot of informative boards of explanation and habitation of many kinds of species from frogs, snakes, fishes etc etc.

We saw few types of turtles/ tortoises there. Besides, we saw ecologist (I assumed) that handle them with care and the eggs collected will be separated and it will be taken care of until the eggs hatched.

Saw the snake I took picture with? It was one of the shortest type of snake in Sabah. For your information, it could grow until the size of a coke tin and it was heavy too. It eat young baby chicks as its food (depends on their body size, just like me and you). ;P

I really like this snake, its called "T", because of its head had a letter "T".

The snake love to riddle and craw all over our body. I did took picture with it too!! I'm enjoying it and it won't bite, in case you are asking!

The snakes was born wild, but they grown with humans and well fed by the person in charge (PIC) there.

No worry, all the PIC there will be watching over us.

As we walk further, we could see corals, marine fishes and the most important -- THE SEA TURTLE!

The life under the Oil Rig, quite a protective area for the fishes.

We could even experience the life of the marine species. See how our friend here enjoyed his life!! =D

What I love the most about the corals - It have different kind of colours, types, its alive and some of them are in a "sleeping mode". Yup! They are sleeping, not dead for those which in grey/ brown or dirty coloured.

Star Fish

A huge and heavy one. We can feel it by touching them. They were PIC that will explain to us about the species they have in there. But, some of the words are too Biological/ Scientific words, I don't really understand (I'm a business management student) but very good to learn new things right?

The huge coral tank for deep sea sharks and other types of marine species. such as sting rays etc. The sharks are available for public to see after the tank is ready.

So much to say about the living creatures and we visited the Science Dome and the Life Dome before we end our visiting.

No living creatures inside, there were questions to be solved, puzzles and games for us to play and learn.

They really tried their best to solve the puzzle.

Lastly, there were gift shop and cafeteria for us to buy souvenir and have a rest after the whole distance walking and informative journey to get near to the nature. ;)

Very nice theme park to be visited!

Too much to say, too much to see.

Visit their website for further information.

The Aquatica KK and The Green Connection.

10 minutes drive from city, located next to St. John Ambulance's building.
Badan Sukarelawan Complex, KM 2 1/2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas, Sabah.

For an optional tour to Green Connection? Please visit Tropical Holidays Paradise