Sunday, May 23, 2010

10th Anniversary Celebration PCA (KK) Charity Dinner & Concert - 100% Kylie

On 21st May, 2010, my family & I attended a charity dinner & concert held at Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu. The purpose for the charity dinner was held by the Palliative Care Association (KK).

The function was crowded with people who are VIP from the Upper level. Ladies were beautifully dressed with night gowns & guys was on their tuxedo and bow ties.
It was awesome!

The function starts on 7.30 p.m. sharp.

With the concept of 1 Malaysia, the dinner served was served with fine dining (western), Indian, Chinese & Malay. The food was well served for most of the dishes.

Saliva drooling with wine & foods.

The dessert served was very Good! Cheese cake, chocolates cakes, chocolates and mango pastry.

The function was started with song by Raja Putri Atilia, who is a singer and a song write who made her name in the Malaysian Contemporary Jazz scene with her debut abum Sangkar 2007. Her voice was soulful enough that could melt a person.

They even have art auction for that night. These is one of the art that cost RM10,000.00 that bid by Datuk Masidi, the Minister of Tourism Sabah. And there was an art piece that cost RM20,000.00 bid by another VIP.

The funds collected will be donated to Palliative Care Association (KK) for those in needs.

Besides those, there was LUCKY DRAW which the prizes was Rolex Watch - Gerald Genta Series and Rolex President Series. Whoever bought the donation ticket of RM20.00 would have the opportunity of winning those 2 prizes, that person doesn't need to be a person who purchased the charity dinner tickets for that night. Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman who draws the prizes to a proud attitude Lawyer who attended the dinner and a lady who bought the donation ticket for RM20.00 sincerely.

They are really lucky!

The concert starts around 10.00 p.m. by Lucy Holmes who was also known as "100% Kylie". She came all the way from Melbourne, Australia for her Malaysia trip and performed in KK too!

She really looks the same as the real Kylie Minogue, but she wasn't petite like her.Even her voice, her appearance, her dances etc etc was the same!!

I surfed around the internet and I found out that she was dressed sexily compared with other tours in other places, maybe one of the reason was it was for the CHARITY dinner.

Some of the people was invited on stage. Besides, "Kylie" was walking around down the stage with her songs too!! She almost look the same with the real Kylie. Oh my~

A song or two before the end of the whole function and three of us (my younger sister, me and a friend) walked out for washroom and took some pictures with the board before others do.

The function was GREAT! I love the concert and the dinner (it would be better if it was 100% fine dining). Great experience for us and it would be good for attending the next similar function.


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