Sunday, April 4, 2010

Skin 79 -BB Cream

At last, I bought this BB cream with so called promotional price at RM69.00 (RP -RM169.00) which only available for one day.

Been busying for the Tour Company by being my sister's assistant for today. However, manage to go to Palm Square, Centre Point, Sabah to buy it.

I manage to update my facebook through mobile picture for this afternoon, and some of my friends who applies the same was appraising about this product.


By referring to the information on the product, it was "MADE IN KOREAN''.

Besides, there were ingredients which are effective for whitening, wrinkles improvement, make our skin more bright and elastic. It can protect our skin from UV Rays too!!

However, it is suitable for combination skin and oily skin. And there was other similar BB cream for dry skin too!

Hope it is as good, as what I heard and seen!! ^^

p/s: This product truly affect the girls around me, even my friend's wife requested her husband to buy for her. (His husband wanna kill me though). My mom and sisters bought this product too!! (There were 5 in total for my family). Oh my~~


  1. i stop using bb cream d now.. hahaha....

  2. cuz it says will block our pores.. so now i change my moisturiser to maybelline anti aging line =.=
    feel myself so old now..