Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nishiki Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Pantai, K.K., Sabah

The oldest Japanese Restaurant since 1987.

Heard that they serve the best Japanese menus in town since years ago. AND for the first time I went there for dinner with my family.

It is true that the dishes they served was SUPERB and delicious. Even though the price is expensive for set menus and ala cart, but it worth for the price.

Once in a while had dinner at such Japanese Restaurant was enjoying.

See the pictures below --->

Tori (Chicken) with eggs and rice. The price was quite affordable compared to other dishes.

Barbecue chicken with bell chili. *two thumbs up*
I had the set menu above. The price was around RM35++ (If I didn't mix up) and the sashimi was very fresh that I could feel it melt inside my mouth. *drooling*

Sushi sets menus for my younger sister and it cost us RM45++. One of the expensive menus.

My mom love to eat Chirashi set. It cost RM45.00 too!!
Fulled with big slices of raw fishes which we had total satisfaction for this!

Nishiki Japanese Restaurant
Opposite Tourism Board of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Price range:
RM10.00 (Chawan mushi for example) and above.


  1. Hello, I know it's a bit late to respond to this post. Just wanna ask if you have try any Japanese curry menu :)

    Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Hello Misoya. :) I haven't try any of their Curry menu, but I'm sure they served a good one there, as their name has been well recognised by all. :)