Friday, April 16, 2010

Away from the Rain at Hong Kong Tea House, Singapore

We went to Old Hong Kong Tea House at Katong for a drink before heading to Suntec Convention Hall for the food and travel fair exhibition which was the main purpose of my elder sister going to Singapore.

The tea house is fill with portraits of Hong Kong's singer from 60's, 70's or maybe 80's. I felt that it was quite warm inside when we sit there.

The menus they serve was quite extraordinary where the name was special too!!

The price was a bit expensive if we convert to our MYR. However, the price was okay for those who work in Singapore and earn SGP Dollar.

The bread was well- recommended by our friend. The texture was soft and the filling covered the bread was Yummy!! and with the cold butter, the bread is SUPERB!!

The drink --- 西洋菜蜜。(A type of vegetable with honey). It was sweet with honey and tasty too! The vegetable could cold down our body heat.

Fried Chu Cheong Fun. Wow~~ It was yummy. Quite special where it was my first trial for that dish.

Non the least, we could order varieties of rice, noodles, breads and others that we would like to fill up our tummy. * wink* ;)

As we seen, It was 24 hours operated.

p/s: I would like to go Singapore for more!!


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