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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evening Walk to Merlion Park, Singapore

On the same night and before we went for our Supper Buffet, we went to Merlion Park for a walk, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Esplanade.

We saw couples taking pictures along the way. AND photographer was taking wedding pictures too! Besides, we could see the "Eye on Singapore" (I can't remember what they called) which beside the fly-over.
I love the building structure in Singapore, although it is crowded with buildings, it still looks great!!

Opposite Merlion Park, we could see one of the casino building by Las Vegas.

Can you see two ships there? Smaller ship above (the building structure) and larger ship below (imagine with all those lights on with the three buildings). One of my friend work there, and she told me that the contractor lifted portion by portion to build the ship above. As I know, there is a park and swimming pool above there. Quite scary or extremely crazy if we look down from there. Oh my~~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Esplanade, Singapore

Visited Esplanade after we went to the food and travel fair at Suntec Convention Hall at night.

In Chinese, it's also called as the "Microphone of Singapore", is because of its building which looks like a microphone.

It was the home for arts and musics. I heard people was singing and performing outside the building when we were walking to the Merlion of Singapore.

As I know, once in a while/ every week, there were performance performed in and outside the building. It was amazing, and I love live bands for sure!

Picture: One of the art pieces inside the building which made from bamboos.

Picture: One of the best visual arts by the students.

p/s: Unfortunately, I didn't took the picture of Singapore Flyer which is behind Sunctec Building.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nishiki Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Pantai, K.K., Sabah

The oldest Japanese Restaurant since 1987.

Heard that they serve the best Japanese menus in town since years ago. AND for the first time I went there for dinner with my family.

It is true that the dishes they served was SUPERB and delicious. Even though the price is expensive for set menus and ala cart, but it worth for the price.

Once in a while had dinner at such Japanese Restaurant was enjoying.

See the pictures below --->

Tori (Chicken) with eggs and rice. The price was quite affordable compared to other dishes.

Barbecue chicken with bell chili. *two thumbs up*
I had the set menu above. The price was around RM35++ (If I didn't mix up) and the sashimi was very fresh that I could feel it melt inside my mouth. *drooling*

Sushi sets menus for my younger sister and it cost us RM45++. One of the expensive menus.

My mom love to eat Chirashi set. It cost RM45.00 too!!
Fulled with big slices of raw fishes which we had total satisfaction for this!

Nishiki Japanese Restaurant
Opposite Tourism Board of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Price range:
RM10.00 (Chawan mushi for example) and above.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Away from the Rain at Hong Kong Tea House, Singapore

We went to Old Hong Kong Tea House at Katong for a drink before heading to Suntec Convention Hall for the food and travel fair exhibition which was the main purpose of my elder sister going to Singapore.

The tea house is fill with portraits of Hong Kong's singer from 60's, 70's or maybe 80's. I felt that it was quite warm inside when we sit there.

The menus they serve was quite extraordinary where the name was special too!!

The price was a bit expensive if we convert to our MYR. However, the price was okay for those who work in Singapore and earn SGP Dollar.

The bread was well- recommended by our friend. The texture was soft and the filling covered the bread was Yummy!! and with the cold butter, the bread is SUPERB!!

The drink --- 西洋菜蜜。(A type of vegetable with honey). It was sweet with honey and tasty too! The vegetable could cold down our body heat.

Fried Chu Cheong Fun. Wow~~ It was yummy. Quite special where it was my first trial for that dish.

Non the least, we could order varieties of rice, noodles, breads and others that we would like to fill up our tummy. * wink* ;)

As we seen, It was 24 hours operated.

p/s: I would like to go Singapore for more!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its my Singapore Trip 2010

I've been nagging my elder sister/ parents for a Singapore trip for months or years.

At last, my wish came true. I've been to Singapore for 5 days, 4 night (9th April 2010 to 13th April, 2010) with my sister. Assist my sister for one day and went to places for the others days.

Is more like a food trip, than a visiting trip for me.

Meeting new people too! And I do like Singapore much, except for the hot weather.

Further update in few days time.


Monday, April 5, 2010

【沙巴游】 亚庇 : 城市观光 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - City Tour

The journey continued after the breakfast.

As Sabahan, we should know some basic tourist spots when our friends all over the world seek for our opinions and answers.

We have mountain for us to CONQUER, we have sea for us to dive with the marine fishes. We have places which took within minutes to reach. ;)

Signal Hill, Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Spring, Australian street, Gaya Street etc... But we only manage to visit a few places on our THP's city touring.

We went to Puh Toh Tze (Temple) again for our praying and it means that it was the end of Chinese New Year 2010. And we need to wait until the next year (2011) to see all these auspicious lion dances, family/ relatives gathering and other events too.

The temple was crowded with people, not only us but also tourists all over the world on that day. They were lucky to be there, enjoying the day which not all of the tourists might saw. =)

Yayasan Sabah /Menara Tun Mustapha (F.K.A. Sabah Foundation building). One of the oldest building and the tallest in Sabah, with 32 floor and the view up there was amazing at night.

I did went to Atmosphere - The revolving restaurant and bar with some friends at night (two weeks ago), which is the "spinning restaurant" on the 18th floor, and in the 1980's or 1960's, it was called the 32nd floor restaurant. The environment was relaxing, and I will post it in future entries. So... stay tune!

The third destination -- 1 Borneo, the largest shopping mall in town for a walk. My mom love to go to Daiso for Japanese goods, which cost RM5.00 for all the goods sold.

We did went to our State Mosque for a short photograph session, didn't manage to went in there for a visit. My dad told me that tourists are required to wear a gown if we visit inside the building.

We manage to go to the above few destinations only. TIME CONSTRAIN!! We need to rush for our annual lunch at Promenade Hotel for buffet.

The food served was interesting, and weird for some... However, overall it was okay. and I love the chicken soup!! Took few bowls for that!

My mom had few of the Prawn Cocktail. She like it though.

Can't wait for the next holiday and going places as usual.

p/s: Singapore, I'm coming to you real soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Skin 79 -BB Cream

At last, I bought this BB cream with so called promotional price at RM69.00 (RP -RM169.00) which only available for one day.

Been busying for the Tour Company by being my sister's assistant for today. However, manage to go to Palm Square, Centre Point, Sabah to buy it.

I manage to update my facebook through mobile picture for this afternoon, and some of my friends who applies the same was appraising about this product.


By referring to the information on the product, it was "MADE IN KOREAN''.

Besides, there were ingredients which are effective for whitening, wrinkles improvement, make our skin more bright and elastic. It can protect our skin from UV Rays too!!

However, it is suitable for combination skin and oily skin. And there was other similar BB cream for dry skin too!

Hope it is as good, as what I heard and seen!! ^^

p/s: This product truly affect the girls around me, even my friend's wife requested her husband to buy for her. (His husband wanna kill me though). My mom and sisters bought this product too!! (There were 5 in total for my family). Oh my~~