Monday, February 1, 2010

【沙巴玩】 兰脑 - 保凌温泉游! Fun in Sabah : Ranau - Enjoying Hot Water Sulfur Spring at Poring Hot Spring

My parents drive us all the way to Poring Hot Spring during Christmas Eve. We went there with my super cute nieces and nephew!! They totally have a lot of fun there!!

Below are some of the pictures I took on I was there.

Pic: The map for Poring Hot Spring with waterfall, pools, canopy walk etc...

Pic: The bridge for tourist & locals to walk to the hot water sulfur spring.

Pic: Nice view for pictures.

Pic: The description for the hot water sulfur spring.

Pic: The main point for the hot water sulfur. The benefits - beautifying our skin, cure for skin disease etc...

Pic: Warning!!

Pic: The Rock Pool

Pic: Children pool with never full water tub.

Pic: The open bath tubs for public.

Besides the above tubs, they offer tubs for feet too!! Normally, elderly like that.

Pic: The Rainforest restaurant. They serve nice food though (words from guests and tourist guide)

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