Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phuket - Star Cruise Gemini

, My long long post since Year 2008.

I did post this trip before but in another blog of mine since years ago.

Reach Phuket at night and we went to FantaSea for show. No pictures can be taken during the show. The show was amazing with lots of animals , fatty chickens, over 10 elephants etc... The show is about a couple during ancient time... with magics.. etc..

However, Star Cruise Trip was fun and tiring, we get sleepy during the show (maybe due to time difference, jet lag?).

Picture : Both were he/she/shemale dancing.

By the way, their drinking water was a salty, taste weird.

Picture: The amazing hall where the show was held. Heard that during Tsunami, the hall was covered by the sea water, but nothing was destroyed!!!

The second day at Phuket

We visited Jewelry and gift shop. Their hall was huge, a lot of jewerly and gifts are sold.

Picture : The temple.

Me and my sister went until the top by foots to see what was there!!
Besides, there was a disabled person there, singing loudly with amazing voice.

Picture : That was on top of the temple. Tourists all over the world came here and give donation.

I suppose it bless people~

After the temple trip, I don't really remember where did we went.

However, we went back to our cruise early for rest!!


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