Sunday, January 2, 2011

【沙巴游】 斗湖 - 两天一夜 Fun in Sabah : Tawau - Two Days One Night

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Can't run away from snapping the town while still have the opportunity.

The view outside from my room at the hotel that booked last minute. FYI, a lousy one. Other hotels was fully booked in groups by outsiders for different kind of purposes .

Had 干捞面 "Kon Lou Mee" (Soy stirred noodles) with 叉烧 "Char Siew" and add on as breakfast at some random coffee shop located 10 minutes distances from the hotel. Yup! It still taste good for a person like me who doesn't like Grilled pork (Char Siew).

Some old shoplots around town and one more thing... something that caught my attention, I saw people eating Bak Kut Teh at 8.00 am in the MORNING at coffee shop and it's full house!!! OMG!

Once again... BORNEO SAFARI was in town. And those vehicles was every where! Besides, adventurous Borneo Safari with a group of similar interest people, Tawau also a place for car drag racing games too!

Sight seeing after our bun meals, Tawau's sea view reminds me of the Singapore port! A lot of large and small ships there, but it was normally a fisherman ships~~

And Indonesia is located opposite of Tawau! It's very near, therefore a lot of Indonesian around town!

Besides, the main reason of tourist came over Tawau is for their amazing island and resorts - Sipadan, Kapalai Resort etc etc... A must go island for divers and all of us!

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