Saturday, December 12, 2009

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 Simple dinner at Upperstar, Damai

The more i grow older... the more things to be consider in my life. Trying my best to do my work and felt tired almost everyday.

07 December 2009 -

Went to Upperstar, Damai for Western dinner with my bf. Not Japanese food for this time. Even though there is a new branch located at Lintas, we still go for the restaurant near to our house.

The food was nice, but not to expect too high too.

The price range was within RM5 and above (maybe RM25.00) for meals, which is affordable. by almost everyone. With such presentable both air- conditioned and open air restaurant and had a mixture of TGI Friday feelings.... (Elvis presley photos, guitars etc) all around the corner, above the ceiling etc. Many people gathered there for a cup of juices/ alcoholic drinks, dinner, lunch etc.

Mushroom soup.
Cost : RM5.45 (If I'm not wrong)
I'm a soup person, and their soup contains of blended mushroom which is nice to drink.

Baked mushroom soup.
It cost RM5.95.
They used pastry for the cover of the soup.. The soup was same as the normal mushroom soup, but the pastry was buttery. Smells like butter when I mixed with the soup.

Snack for my bf, he love to eat that. Err... a type of bird which can be found at mamak stall too!!
I like the taste too!!

Grilled chicken.
The chicken texture was soft and quite nice. The white sauce was nice and smooth, and it was specially made by the owner of that restaurant.

Grilled salmon. I love salmon & potatoes. =)
The fish texture was dry and the taste was fishy.. Yet I still like to eat!! hehehehe...

However... I still missed the chips I ate with my friends at UK!!! Arghhhhhh

About other meals~~~~ Their PIZZAS taste real good, is a must if want to go their for a try.

Damai, Lintas Plaza & Sinsuran.

Price: Affordable price which you and me can afford.
RM10.00 for lunch with a combination of a main dish and drinks (depends on location too I think) + taxes.


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