Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Beauty Diary Mask & D.I.Y

I received my parcel of masks on Wednesday. Purchased those mask from Princess Street. Overall the price that I paid for all the below masks was cheap compared to the same products sold in Guardian and even Watson! In addition, they free me a mask & a eyeliner/brown/lip pen.

I do love the products with smells that are sweet & effective for skins to be smooth and FAIR. =)

I've use the mask for few consecutive days which i really needed those mask to rejuvenate my facial moisture and the "polluted" skin. DARN... girls really had lots of things to care... From head to toes.


I was having fun with my elder sister's colourful ribbons which from Australia (If I'm not wrong) and local ribbons. She didn't use for years and kept them apart, that's why I used it for D.I.Y.

AND the below ribbons was made by me!! Hmm... Any other easy DIY can be done? Any recommendation?


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