Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sabah 1st Monumental Bird's Nest Concept Ballroom - Promenade Hotel

Last Thursday, I've attended an Appreciation Dinner at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I went there with my elder sister for representing our Travel Agent Company, everyone of us had one door gift before we entered to the Hall. =)

The purpose for that night was to introduce the Master Chef from Guang Zhou, China and the newly furbished Sabah 1st Bird's Nest Rafflesia Grand Ballroom.

Pic: The exterior of the Grand Ballroom. It's look similar with the Olympic Bird's Nest (Beijing National Stadium) but not with rounded corner building.

Pic: 2009 Appreciation Dinner in conjunction with 1 Malaysia.

Pic: The new furbished hall was beautiful internally and externally. As for the lighting, it's will change according to different festival theme. Red for Chinese New Year, Green for Hari Raya, Pink for Valentine Day; Deepavali etc...

The colour for that night was the four main colour of Malaysia's flag. I can't get the whole picture, unless I took it from up above the stage or the ceiling. ;P

Pic: We had quite a fun time with all the musics, life band performance, singing and dancing performance for that night.

Pic: Master Chef from Guang Zhou creatively prepared nine (9) - course Chinese Set Dinner for all the representatives of Travel Agent, Sabah Tourism Board, Secondary Schools, Corporate partners and many others that I can't recall.

The first dish was 1 Malaysia Combination. It had a mix of seafoods, beef, mushrooms etc.

Pic: Braised Chicken with Superior Shark's Fin Soup. Chinese love this soup don't they?
The soup was full of braised chicken that we can't finish!!

Pic: Live band performance with amazing voice and exotic dances (a little).

Pic: Steamed Garoupa "Cantonese Style"

Pic: Master Chef Luo Zhi Yu and Chen Liang from Guang Zhou, China.

Pic: Baked King Prawns with Cheese "Cantonese Style"

Pic: Pan-Fried Ostrich Steak with Honey Sauce

Pic: Promenade's Oxtail Assam Pedas.

Pic: Fried Rice with Seafood and Dry Scallops

Pic: Imitating Beyonce for her songs.

Pic: Yam with Sago in Coconut Milk.

Pic: Kota Kinabalu's very own Emcee who have been invited for almost 200 wedding dinner or events. He can sing, tal and entertain people with laughter. The management had invited him for a song or two.

Overall, the dinner was successful and the set dinner was nice and different from any other dishes at other places or previous concept of their hotel.

p/s: Nice environment for wedding invitation or any other parties.


  1. Promenade's Oxtail Assam Pedas looks really tasty. can tapao for me? ^^

  2. Oh dear, when will people realise that killing a shark just to make a soup is NOT cool. Sharks are becoming extinct just because of a SOUP!!!

  3. Please say no to shark fin soup. It's barbaric... truly! Brooke