Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dramatic Eyeliner

Something that I would like to share with my girl friends!!

Last week, I've bought a gel eyeliner from Cosway with promotional price.

Before this, I searched these kind of dramatic effect eyeliner for quite sometimes. Finally, I found it!! ;)

Although I'm loving such dramatic make up, but I'm not daring enough to put on it at first until the second attempt with thicker eye line.

I like the eyeliner drawn by Amy Winehouse!! But her's thicker than mine and longer in the end of her eye line.

Pic: L'elan Vital ExtremeWear Gel Eyeliner.

It contains 5g only in a tiny pot, smaller than what we can see in the image shown above. Its comes together with ultra-fine tapered eyeliner for precise application (The eyeliner's stick as shown above)

The texture was ultra-smooth, soft and creamy. Besides, it was waterproof and sweat resistant for all day long. (It's true and I tried for hours). Fast dry texture when applied on our eye.

p/s: I'm happy with the result and I hope that I can draw it better next time. ^^


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