Friday, July 31, 2009

S E pendant

Yeah Yeah!!! Tomorrow is a Saturday~~

The first day my sisters went to Cosway's distribution centre to purchase those products for home use, one of the products for four sisters of us was S E products and my bf had one too!!! =)

The manual books written down that general discomfort such as knee, back, shoulder, ankle etc, we can place the pendant at the area that we felt pain.. Even flowers can extend their lifespan and pro long the freshness of the flowers.

For human like us, we need to drink more water after we wear the pendant and yes, I felt thirsty when I'm wearing it.

HOWEVER, some may experience initial discomfort. E.g. light dizziness, chest tightness (I suppose it is just the same like the feeling in his heart and my bf too)

Me and my younger sister gave the pendant to our bf and within one hour after they wear the pendant around their neck, they felt pain in their heart and I just wonder why? AND guess what, my bf can't sleep after wearing it on the first day.

Second experience (because I'm uncertain about the chest tightness) -
I tested the pendant by placing an ice on top of the pendant (I tested it according to the Cosway catalog) ... AND its amazing that the ice melt faster than the ice that I placed at another plate without the pendant. Hmm....

Third experience (Still cannot believe that pendant can really work that way) -
Tested by using my friend's plastic cup of YOYO's green tea without ICE, place below that cup and after a while ( around 5 minutes or more), he drink the tea, and he says that "Wow!!! The drink wasn't sweet anymore!!!" (The answer just voice out like that.. Amazing...) -He's not making fun of me..

Fourth experience -
I placed the pendant below my water bottle... and the water taste different than before... Yay!!! It's unbelievable...

Furthermore, I saw the words by some other witnesses in the catalog that how amazing the pendants was... Eg. body adour (for real) really gone etc... AND I think that Yup!!! It increase my flexibility by standing up and bend my back lower and nearer to my feet.

S E pendant can be trusted.

p/s: My bf wear it again today and he didn't felt chest tightness for the mean time.

pic ----->> Cosway's Catalog.

The retail price for the pendant was RM280.00.
As you may see RP means Redemption Point (benefits for members).


  1. The pendant cost RM280.00. And of we are Cosway's member,we will have redemption coupons..
    The picture of the price I already uploaded there..=)
    Have a nice day!!

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