Monday, July 27, 2009


Nothing special....
Still busying.... No where to go, nothing special happened around me...

Hmm.... let me think first.... A new thing that I knew lately--->>

e-Cosway --- Involving myself and my sisters in e-Cosway.

(Based on the information I knew)

If you know about Cosway, then you should understand some extend of e-Cosway. A new type of business for new generation, involving electronic usage of internet. Earning money from points bla bla bla...

It sells products from beauty, tit bits, toys, D.I.Y hair tools, perfumes (Burberry, Ninna Ricci etc etc...

The more products a consumer/member bought, the more points we get and the more coupon for exchange.

The new generation of e-Cosway allow consumers to purchase goods directly from any e-Cosway outlet (In some future time/ now - E.g. Watson),

AND not over the counter just like the old way (distributor to members) where only members can buy Cosway's products.

Well... future information I knew will be posted.

The night was getting late... and I'm working tomorrow... Not really in the mood of writing blogs... A little bit of mood swing.. My pimples are popping out!!! *Ish**

Good night..


Pic: Part of the products which Cosway sold.
I started using the Goat Milk facial cleanser, hmm....waiting for the effect....


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