Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holiday with the Nature, especially Sabah - Land Below the Wind

I'm sitting in front of my lab top, watching TVB series movie... Girls love to watch movies right?

AND holidays!!

Click these website to know more about the places we can visit.


This was the new version for the Company, more pictures, privilege for tourist who join the Company for their trips!!

Please don't hesitate to call them.

My experience as local resident--->

I've been to Weston, Sipitang/ Beaufort, enjoying the night view of fire flies at those trees beside.
The famous Proboscis Monkey during evening time...

Manukan Island - The best was snookering, feels the cold sea water, the sand, the fishes.... and many many more...But that was the feelings I get since the last time I visited there few years back. And I'm hoping so much to be there again!!!

When I can go for my holidays!!!! Not only shopping, i really need to breath the fresh air and not the air inside the office....*Sigh**

I want/ need Holidays!!! I don't care whether driving journey to places like Mount Kinabalu, Mesilau or others... The best is having holidays with beloved... If you know what I meant.

Well... I'm going out again... and I'm hungry...



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