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Visiting to Cocoa Boutique - Kuala Lumpur

Another chocolate Boutique in Town. Remember my previous convocation trip? It's been a while since then...

Few of us visited the Chocolate Boutique which located few streets (by Foot) from Beryl's Choc. Besides, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah has Cocoa Boutique too.. which located neat Tanjung Aru.

I only manage to took one or two pictures during the KL trip.

The banner of that Chocolate Boutique.

Wow... I'm looking at the Dragons and the whole thing inside the glass mirror was made of Chocolate!!

So called: Malaysian LARGEST Chocolate Chocolate Paradise.

Pic: During my Star Cruise trip on 2008 at one of the Destination (Penang) --- The World I'm hoping to reach!!


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