Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet Daily Bakery at Damai, K. K., Sabah

It was an French look alike kind of Bakery which operated by Koreans.

It was located at Damai, which took a few steps walks from Devils Pub or behind of Watson.

As a confession, the cakes & biscuits was wonderful in term of its appearances and its 100% flavored. Its gives 100% satisfaction that the cakes are made of 100% butter that smells great!! And about cakes or biscuits that made of Belgium chocolates...And i meant Belgium CHOCOLATE!!!

The interior design was amazing & cozy type of shop. That make us unwilling to leave the shop, because the cakes ,biscuits etc was too beautiful~~~

While we are surveying the shop, I noticed that the owner --- a petite girl had France's Certificate for the profession that she's in which was Baking, pastries or maybe dessert etc..

I saw some cute designed decoration biscuit that we are not advisable to eat (even can eat, it would taste awful) which cost RM6.00 each and we bought some too.(the picture below) --The ring, the gown, and the Heart.

Besides, we saw a cake that specially booked by a guy and specially made for his girl that says " XXXXX my love". and the cake designed with small 3D flower that normally we cover up the cakes' beside to look pretty.

My elder sister bought some cakes for our afternoon tea when we are back at shop.
I can't remember what's its name...but I try to explain how it's tasted.

The chocolate cake was almost 100% belgium type of chocolate that we won't felt sweet at the first bite but I felt like eating chocolate. Chocolate Lover should love this!!

The one with fluffy fresh cream topping was delicious!!! *****two thumbs up*** I can't stop eating that.

The layered with white cream chocolate cake.... I can't remember. But it seems delicious too..

Well... the price a bit costly, which cost almost the same price with the Cakes sold at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Starbucks, but even smaller in size compared with others.

The biscuit was ranged from RM6.00 and above. The biscuits/ cookies designed perfectly adorable that I think I won't eat it... Some of the design was the ginger man and ginger lady, Heart shaped and some other that too much to mentioned.

Go & have a look!!! Have a bite too!!!

pic: The Charles & Keith shoe that I bought for the Wedding dinner & some other occasion.
and my new Face shop Products.

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  1. thanks so much, Mei Tzeu. Here, I wish u best of luck and gambate for ur coming paper. Hopefully this is ur last attempt ooo..By the way, I love that Charles
    & Keith shoe >.<