Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weston Wetland Sanctuary, Beaufort/ Sipitang - Part II

La la la la la~~~

HAPPY LABOR DAY FOR FRIDAY!! Happy holiday & happy weekend!!

Well well... continue from Part I of Weston trip.. ;)

Around 5 p.m, we sat on the boat and we had our boat ride for about 5 minutes or less than that and we reached the first destination to see the famous Proboscis Monkey at those crowded trees.

We saw three types of Monkey.
Pic: Normal Grey Monkey.

The third type of Monkey was Silver Leaf, but the picture I took was too small...*sigh**

Further for our boat ride, we saw a native houses beside the river side. Those children was waving their hand at us... "HI HI!!"

Besides, at night those houses was shine by a bold light and outside the house was so dark that we can't see anything without the torch light.

Here... The day was getting darker & the sky was beautiful...

AND ''deng deng deng"~~

We saw baby crocodiles!!! Scary~~ We knew that there were huge crocodiles there...Yay!!

Around 7.30pm, we had our dinner ---- Local Dinner, Malaysian style with local Weston Prawns,
local vegetables with sambal, chicken, sambal with eggs.... Yummy!! and additional food keeps coming although we had finish the small portion of the food served.

About the environment at the restaurant, it was beautiful =)

Normal white rice and yellow rice a.k.a. Oil Rice.

After the nice Dinner, we had local dessert /tits bites.

After the short dinner. We continue our boat ride to see those fire flies and it was amazing =)
It was blinking like the lights for Christmas tree. At last I saw real fire flies.. so small that it fly beside us.


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