Friday, April 3, 2009

Weston Wetland Sanctuary, Beaufort/ Sipitang

A picture to inform you all that I'm still active in writing blogs entries.... Just not frequent as before (during studies, where we as STUDENT was FREE most of the time....)

Well.... Weston maybe far (2 and a half hour from Kota Kinabalu Town to Beaufort/Sipitang, but it was worth to be there, adding some means to my days... I saw things that I haven't seen before. Local houses that unexpected by us. Skies that was so beautiful when the day became darker & darker and the fire flies that attracted me so much.

Below pix was the famousssssssssssss Proboscis Monkey sat on the branches/trunks for its evening tea... Enjoy eating the young leaf. It was one of the yellow-est & huge Monkey that we saw on that day.

Further stories for the journey will be updated next time.=P


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