Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tenom Station - City Mall, K.K., Sabah.

 * No more operating as at 28th May, 2013*

A new spot at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.... Located at City Mall, behind of the new fitness centre.

It was a cafe concept spot for us to have a drink and have a rest.

Few of us went there for a couple of time. The price wasn't pricey compared to Old Town Coffee which served their hot drinks in small cup portion. Variety of choices for us to select from Western Food , Malay Food, Pan cakes and Noodles ( instant Noodles with some additional eggs and fish cakes). Although the food was only so so for some, but I love the pan cakes. Ice cream, blueberry, strawberry, maple etc...

The famous dish was their Hainan Chicken Chop..*Thumbs Up**VV

We tried their Lamb Chop, it was nice too...Enough portion for a girl to be full. LOL

Below was some of the foods/ drinks that we tried before... Some picture didn't took by us. =(

Hazelnut Coffee... Nice to drink.

Strawberry Shake. The guy who drink it said it was Nice..Hmm....

I forget how was the dish being called. It was attractive when we read the name, and it was Instant noodles... "Korean Mee"

Fish Cake Rice. Not recommended... A bit dry that I'm going to chock and they doesn't serve soup. Dry Fish Cake + Rice with a little sour fruit beside the fish cakes shown.

My mom doesn't like it. She was disappointed with the dinner that night.

Nasi Rendang with rice.
The flavour was nice as told by my dad who loves to cook, but the portion a bit small...

I love these.
PAN CAKES. muahahahaaaahahaha^o^

p/s: Sorry for the poor quality pictures.... Hand phone...what do we expect.


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