Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crabs Dinner at Choy Kee Food Stall - Seremban

Preparing for dinner at Gaya Sport, Kota Kinabalu later.
This happened on March during my LJMU convocation trip.

A friend of my parents bring us to Seremban for CRABS' dinner on the day we reached K.L.
AND it was my second trip to Seremban since last year I went for TARC convocation. (check this out)

The foods served was scrumptious and specially "roasted" with charcoal and I ate so much for that night like no bodies' business ( know, when a person was the youngest among the older people)...

The first dish was Fish Head Mee Hoon.

It taste GOOD for me... with a great smell of pepper.

Aw..w.... Here comes the Roasted Crab, the flesh was so tasty, full of flesh and full of CRABS eggs behind its shells.

It was Pork... .Heard that they cooked these for hours and its Taste...OMGGGGGGGGG....
*Two thumbs Up!!!!"

Butter Prawn. Not bad...Normally can be found in Sabah too...."Famous for its Seafood. "=]
Nothing to shout about... When we ate nice prawn, you know what its felt...

Kam Hiong Crabs... Its Delicious.... Curry flavoured Crabs.

These was our favourite dish for the night."

Marmite Crabs. The flavour was so Unforgettable.Yummy!!!

Besides those Scrumptious and high Calories Dishes. We ordered vegetables too and for our dessert.........>>

Gui Ling Gao....made from Herbal.... Good for skin thou and good for cooling down our heaty body.
According to the description of the board... Genuine Gui Ling Gao.. and it was truly silky soft for each bite.

p/s: My saliva dripping and got to go...Mom rushing us to go for dinner.... Scary eating out for days and my tummy sensitive when eating too much outside food..=(
Pain pain pain and feels like butterfly...


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