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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weston Wetland Sanctuary, Beaufort/ Sipitang - Part II

La la la la la~~~

HAPPY LABOR DAY FOR FRIDAY!! Happy holiday & happy weekend!!

Well well... continue from Part I of Weston trip.. ;)

Around 5 p.m, we sat on the boat and we had our boat ride for about 5 minutes or less than that and we reached the first destination to see the famous Proboscis Monkey at those crowded trees.

We saw three types of Monkey.
Pic: Normal Grey Monkey.

The third type of Monkey was Silver Leaf, but the picture I took was too small...*sigh**

Further for our boat ride, we saw a native houses beside the river side. Those children was waving their hand at us... "HI HI!!"

Besides, at night those houses was shine by a bold light and outside the house was so dark that we can't see anything without the torch light.

Here... The day was getting darker & the sky was beautiful...

AND ''deng deng deng"~~

We saw baby crocodiles!!! Scary~~ We knew that there were huge crocodiles there...Yay!!

Around 7.30pm, we had our dinner ---- Local Dinner, Malaysian style with local Weston Prawns,
local vegetables with sambal, chicken, sambal with eggs.... Yummy!! and additional food keeps coming although we had finish the small portion of the food served.

About the environment at the restaurant, it was beautiful =)

Normal white rice and yellow rice a.k.a. Oil Rice.

After the nice Dinner, we had local dessert /tits bites.

After the short dinner. We continue our boat ride to see those fire flies and it was amazing =)
It was blinking like the lights for Christmas tree. At last I saw real fire flies.. so small that it fly beside us.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weston Wetland Sanctuary, Beaufort/ Sipitang - Part I

I'm happy that my friends visited Sabah, Land Below the Wind on last week. I had met them when they are going to Manukan Island. Kindly visit Mayyi's Blog for her trip in Sabah...=)

On 29th of March 2009, more than 12 of us went for an outing at Weston Wetland Sanctuary with the services provided by Tropical Holidays Paradise.

Before we continue our precious journey, we went to Moon Bell Restaurant opposite Wisma Merdeka for our Lunch. And our friends felt satisfied with the foods provided.

At 2.30pm (30 minutes behind scheduled), we continued our journey to Beaufort/Sipitang by hopping in to our tour bus/van, and one private car.=)

As a confession, the Sun was surely Hot & shine like a Hot Spot Light on our journey. See the below picture, I used 2 cardigan/jacket to cover up.

After 2 hours on road journey ----->> We reached Weston at 4.30pm.

Although it was silents all around, but there were people (one of them was the "old man" of the Village) welcomed us & bring us to visit the village by foot.

The first thing that caught our eyes was the signboard of antique 7 UP...Wow~~~

Saw the bridge, it was the path way into the village.

Aww.... Before I forgot, I would like to give a brief introduction about Weston.

The villagers at Weston are mostly/ all of them are Brunei-ans, they hang Brunei's King photo at their house as a sign of respect to their King.

The main source of living came from the Fishes, prawns etc around there. The main job by those villagers are Fisherman and some of their children went the the Town to work and go back during weekend. Besides, the houses we seen are above the sea water or mud when we move further to the end of the village.

As for the business man around there, mostly are Hokkien.

Pic: The shell that covered most of the house beside, heard that it had some usage for the villagers living there. (one of the source of living).

When we walked further, we saw Monkeys on top of a house. And I walked further to took some pictures in closer view. Heard that those Monkey was too clever that, its went in to houses & open the refrigerator for foods... LOL

After a while of walks, we came to the Old Man's house for a cup of tea. There house was huge although it was a Kampung house above the water. The first step into the house, we saw tea & some local food for us to fill our tummy.

See the furniture? Nice right?

Saw the tea/ coffee that filling the cup. The owner of the house told us that it was all the way from Brunei. Taste Good.

Besides, the lady of the house we visited taught us the proper way of sitting on the floor where our leg should be putting toward the left or right side and not sitting down like a man --- X (imagine how a man would sit on the floor, then you know what I'm expressing)

The prawn "kuih" was nice, and every other tits bites too.

After the nice tea break, we continue our journey. We saw one or two Chinese a.k.a Hokkien villagers staying at Weston. By the way the Old Man knew how to talk in Hokien!!

We walked to the Jetty for our boat trip. And before that, the picture below was the "Keropok" / chips factory owned by the Old man who bring us around the village.

For your information, the big logs that build into Jetty once upon a time was over 100 years old.

But we are not using that as the main Jetty, the main Jetty just next to it.

Part II of Weston Trip will be blog on next entries... Please stay tune!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chocolate by SIngapore

Well.... Is been a tiring day today.... How was yours?
My ankle in pain too...can't run & walk faster... I' walking like a grandma...*sniff sniff*

Last month, a friend of my elder sister came to visit/on business purposes at Sabah.
Few of them was from Singapore and they knew that my mom loves chocolates or chocolates can be known as the best gift ever as it was presentable too.

See!!! The lion representing S'pore. It was tasty with the Macadamia Nuts... Besides, the person even gave us biscuits with a pattern that looks the same as the chocolate.Yummy!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crabs Dinner at Choy Kee Food Stall - Seremban

Preparing for dinner at Gaya Sport, Kota Kinabalu later.
This happened on March during my LJMU convocation trip.

A friend of my parents bring us to Seremban for CRABS' dinner on the day we reached K.L.
AND it was my second trip to Seremban since last year I went for TARC convocation. (check this out)

The foods served was scrumptious and specially "roasted" with charcoal and I ate so much for that night like no bodies' business ( know, when a person was the youngest among the older people)...

The first dish was Fish Head Mee Hoon.

It taste GOOD for me... with a great smell of pepper.

Aw..w.... Here comes the Roasted Crab, the flesh was so tasty, full of flesh and full of CRABS eggs behind its shells.

It was Pork... .Heard that they cooked these for hours and its Taste...OMGGGGGGGGG....
*Two thumbs Up!!!!"

Butter Prawn. Not bad...Normally can be found in Sabah too...."Famous for its Seafood. "=]
Nothing to shout about... When we ate nice prawn, you know what its felt...

Kam Hiong Crabs... Its Delicious.... Curry flavoured Crabs.

These was our favourite dish for the night."

Marmite Crabs. The flavour was so Unforgettable.Yummy!!!

Besides those Scrumptious and high Calories Dishes. We ordered vegetables too and for our dessert.........>>

Gui Ling Gao....made from Herbal.... Good for skin thou and good for cooling down our heaty body.
According to the description of the board... Genuine Gui Ling Gao.. and it was truly silky soft for each bite.

p/s: My saliva dripping and got to go...Mom rushing us to go for dinner.... Scary eating out for days and my tummy sensitive when eating too much outside food..=(
Pain pain pain and feels like butterfly...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tenom Station - City Mall, K.K., Sabah.

 * No more operating as at 28th May, 2013*

A new spot at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.... Located at City Mall, behind of the new fitness centre.

It was a cafe concept spot for us to have a drink and have a rest.

Few of us went there for a couple of time. The price wasn't pricey compared to Old Town Coffee which served their hot drinks in small cup portion. Variety of choices for us to select from Western Food , Malay Food, Pan cakes and Noodles ( instant Noodles with some additional eggs and fish cakes). Although the food was only so so for some, but I love the pan cakes. Ice cream, blueberry, strawberry, maple etc...

The famous dish was their Hainan Chicken Chop..*Thumbs Up**VV

We tried their Lamb Chop, it was nice too...Enough portion for a girl to be full. LOL

Below was some of the foods/ drinks that we tried before... Some picture didn't took by us. =(

Hazelnut Coffee... Nice to drink.

Strawberry Shake. The guy who drink it said it was Nice..Hmm....

I forget how was the dish being called. It was attractive when we read the name, and it was Instant noodles... "Korean Mee"

Fish Cake Rice. Not recommended... A bit dry that I'm going to chock and they doesn't serve soup. Dry Fish Cake + Rice with a little sour fruit beside the fish cakes shown.

My mom doesn't like it. She was disappointed with the dinner that night.

Nasi Rendang with rice.
The flavour was nice as told by my dad who loves to cook, but the portion a bit small...

I love these.
PAN CAKES. muahahahaaaahahaha^o^

p/s: Sorry for the poor quality pictures.... Hand phone...what do we expect.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weston Wetland Sanctuary, Beaufort/ Sipitang

A picture to inform you all that I'm still active in writing blogs entries.... Just not frequent as before (during studies, where we as STUDENT was FREE most of the time....)

Well.... Weston maybe far (2 and a half hour from Kota Kinabalu Town to Beaufort/Sipitang, but it was worth to be there, adding some means to my days... I saw things that I haven't seen before. Local houses that unexpected by us. Skies that was so beautiful when the day became darker & darker and the fire flies that attracted me so much.

Below pix was the famousssssssssssss Proboscis Monkey sat on the branches/trunks for its evening tea... Enjoy eating the young leaf. It was one of the yellow-est & huge Monkey that we saw on that day.

Further stories for the journey will be updated next time.=P