Monday, March 30, 2009


Latest update -----
Saturday **** Attended a Wedding Dinner at night and at the same time (8.30pm), participated the Earth Hour for 30 minutes at the Hotel, due to the reason of ---- Hotel = a place for business. We had VSOP for that night..=)
Sunday ***** Afternoon/Lunch time, went to Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu where we can see the whole KK town to see some of the TVB movie stars. After that, went to MOON BELL for our lunch.
Went to Weston , Beaufort/ Sipitang. A nature place where we saw 3 types of Monkey - Silver Leaf, Proboscis Monkey and a normal grey monkey which love to disturb,crocodiles etc...
I saw millions of fire flies on those trees beside the river- Just like the Christmas trees' light blink blink blink****But deamer version. Besides, I saw thousand & millions of STARS was on top of our head -- The sky.
It was amazing!!! The stars can been seen more & more when the sun was down, the the night became silent.
Well... That's all for today... Pictures coming soon. Sorry for not updating so frequently. I'm busy + a bit not in the mood.. =P


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