Saturday, March 14, 2009

LJMU convocation 2009, KLCC Convention Centre

I'm officially graduated from my Degree course on the 8th March 2009.

The events starts on 11.30a.m at KLCC, but for us, we need to reach there on 8a.m for the robe and registration. Luckily, I reach there on time, if not, I'm going to line up and wait for hours for my turn, especially for the robe, where some of my friends who came later then 8a.m - they wait for more than an hour.

Pic: That's my Uni.

Pic: The robe I'm wearing was all the way from UK. The same robe were UK's students wearing.

Pic: The event hall -Plenery Hall. Huge right? The events held for about one hour thirty minutes.

Pic: Some of my classmate during the studies at LJMU. We want to gather our classmates together, but to difficult to do so.... too much student here & there and parents all over the place.

p/s: How I wish my girl friend who currently working at UK was there with us during the event.=(


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