Thursday, March 12, 2009

LJMU Convocation Trip at K. L.

Back from KL yesterday afternoon, quite exhausted and my neck and hand's muscle was hurt...

At least I mistakenly took one more day leave due to some misleading answers. lol.. But yet, I can do my stuff... =P

Below was some of the pictures. More coming soon...*grin smile*

Pic: Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. So many toys hang by the owner. A little scary at night I think.Hmm***

Pic: I want to watch that movie... A huge bag for shopping for girls.

Pic: I like those. i bought hair clips, hair bands, mascara - MM, a waterproof, oil proof with fiber in it... just GOOD~~. I bought hair bands from Tangs, Pavilion which was quite cheap, and I saw the same hair band which I'm using now, cost RM49.90 and RM 99.90 at different outlets at Sg. Wang and Mid Valley ---
The advice for today is.... Not pretty places sold expensive stuff/ Not simply outlet sold stuff that all the time was cheap cheap cheap!!!
Pic: My new Crocs sandals. RM 1**.** from the outlet at Bukit Bintang/ outside Isetan.
Pic: Part of my "Treasures" found during that period of five days. A mixture of girl things from high street prices (Isetan, Zara, Cultivation, Debenhams etc...) for working suites and shoes and Sg. Wang for shoes/sandals and Skin Food's products.


  1. wow! u brought alot ! haha..

    i like ur mascara! it looks familiar i don know which magazine i notice this. i also cannot remember what brand is it.. can u tell me? :)

    and i think Malacca also can't get this mascara , have to purposely going back kl and buy...

    keep cantact.. coz i got some thing to ask u.. about my trip to sabah.. :P

    i will give u my msn.

  2. hehe..the brand for the mascara was "Majolica Majorca" by Sheiseido.... many magazine got the ads de, especially Taiwan mag.
    You can find it at Watson de...

    Actually Sabah also have, but too far, I buy it at KL...kekek=)

  3. yeah...i got crocs shoes too...cost 169 is it? thou is expensive but is worth ler...hehehe...

  4. hehe... I think so...I think not rm169, my crocs (mary jane) if i'm not mistaken was RM 149 exclude those "buttons"
    yup, it worth that price, coz it was durable for quite a long period.tahan lama ;)