Friday, March 20, 2009

Lunch at Famous Chen Chen Roasted Duck - K.L.

Its happened latest KL trip for my convocation & shopping spree.

The first minute after my mom's friend pick me & my parents from the airport, he drive us to have lunch at Chen Chen Roasted Duck. The duck was one of the best flavoured ducks...It was delicious.

Although it was just a food stall beside the road, it was flooded with white collar level of people having their lunch there.
The roasted duck that taste real good. Even my mom miss it since the last time she went there.
The sour vegetable soup with ducks bone. My parents say it was nice, it was a bit sour to me although it taste good.

The pork ball soup. Quite nice too...

The food was satisfied and the people there was nice to us. When we've paid for our bill and went off, they say thank you all the way until we went in to our car.

I ate so much on my trip and luckily I didn't gain so much weight, just 1kg. Me and my parents walks quite a lot too, at those shopping mall...=P

p/s: I don't remember where it was located. Anyone?

Night everyone.



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