Monday, March 23, 2009

Visiting to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom, K. L.

I think I'm going to stay at home today.

The weather outside was SO SO HOT since morning, the Sun was still shining so brightly even though is 5.45pm at Sabah. The day seems like getting rain, but end up.... a little drizzling then STOP.... Please rain, its horribly hot...
For the last trip, few of us went for a walk at the Chocolate Kingdom at KL. Many choices to choose, where some of those can be seen at Supermarkets and malls, but the prices have some differences.
Overall, we can took pictures inside, promoter was fine, but there was an middle age woman who sold the short cake with rude services given, and the short cake was written there "BUY ONE FREE ONE" and the old lady speaks that the short cake was worth to buy.. sure is worth, but the date!!!

We bought those for a try and we'd forgotten to check the expiration date. Few days after we are back at home, Sabah. Then, we realised that the short cake was expired for few days. (I think they sold it asap, to get rid of the bundle of short cakes day... Rude woman, if i knew it, sure I "BOOM" her!!!! )

MILK from Moo Moo Cow...

Various choices for tourist all over the world to buy as gifts and sweet temptation for themselves. There even have photo frames, magnets etc with Beryl's words on it.

Ancient machine to produce chocolate for us. There were pictures that bring us back to the time where no high technology being use, chocolate was done steps by steps.

See.... Switzerland's citizen loves chocolate the most. The famous chocolate manufactured was from there too....


  1. Where is this Chocolate Kingdom anywhere? Heard a lot of stories but still unable to locate them

  2. Hmm.... I really didn't remember the street to there...

    I only followed my parent's friend car.=)

  3. From their website:

    38, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Never been there but I think my kids will be impressed.

  4. thx for the address..=)

    Bring your children to visit the place & buy some choc too..
    or buy it from supermarkets-- much cheaper (truly)

  5. Was the price more cheaper then other supermarkets? I wanna buy a lot of chocolates. ^^