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Monday, March 30, 2009


Latest update -----
Saturday **** Attended a Wedding Dinner at night and at the same time (8.30pm), participated the Earth Hour for 30 minutes at the Hotel, due to the reason of ---- Hotel = a place for business. We had VSOP for that night..=)
Sunday ***** Afternoon/Lunch time, went to Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu where we can see the whole KK town to see some of the TVB movie stars. After that, went to MOON BELL for our lunch.
Went to Weston , Beaufort/ Sipitang. A nature place where we saw 3 types of Monkey - Silver Leaf, Proboscis Monkey and a normal grey monkey which love to disturb,crocodiles etc...
I saw millions of fire flies on those trees beside the river- Just like the Christmas trees' light blink blink blink****But deamer version. Besides, I saw thousand & millions of STARS was on top of our head -- The sky.
It was amazing!!! The stars can been seen more & more when the sun was down, the the night became silent.
Well... That's all for today... Pictures coming soon. Sorry for not updating so frequently. I'm busy + a bit not in the mood.. =P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The whole wide world

The news had spread all over the world, newspapers, magazines, facebook etc... Different places, country at different time, but at I same moments I assume =)

Remember to switch off all your lights - Malaysia was 8.30pm until 9.30pm. The Earth was over Heat. Let it rest for a while. And share this world with your next generation.
On the same day, my sister's friend was getting married and we are going to attend a wedding dinner. Guess what? The Hotel discussed with the groom about the plan for that day due to the Earth hour, the management will switch off the light, and replaced the lights with candles (romantic don't they, just like candle lights dinner ^^).
They will have a memorable Wedding Dinner on that day - for us and both of them too**

p/s: Well.... Just support it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Visiting to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom, K. L.

I think I'm going to stay at home today.

The weather outside was SO SO HOT since morning, the Sun was still shining so brightly even though is 5.45pm at Sabah. The day seems like getting rain, but end up.... a little drizzling then STOP.... Please rain, its horribly hot...
For the last trip, few of us went for a walk at the Chocolate Kingdom at KL. Many choices to choose, where some of those can be seen at Supermarkets and malls, but the prices have some differences.
Overall, we can took pictures inside, promoter was fine, but there was an middle age woman who sold the short cake with rude services given, and the short cake was written there "BUY ONE FREE ONE" and the old lady speaks that the short cake was worth to buy.. sure is worth, but the date!!!

We bought those for a try and we'd forgotten to check the expiration date. Few days after we are back at home, Sabah. Then, we realised that the short cake was expired for few days. (I think they sold it asap, to get rid of the bundle of short cakes day... Rude woman, if i knew it, sure I "BOOM" her!!!! )

MILK from Moo Moo Cow...

Various choices for tourist all over the world to buy as gifts and sweet temptation for themselves. There even have photo frames, magnets etc with Beryl's words on it.

Ancient machine to produce chocolate for us. There were pictures that bring us back to the time where no high technology being use, chocolate was done steps by steps.

See.... Switzerland's citizen loves chocolate the most. The famous chocolate manufactured was from there too....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lunch at Famous Chen Chen Roasted Duck - K.L.

Its happened latest KL trip for my convocation & shopping spree.

The first minute after my mom's friend pick me & my parents from the airport, he drive us to have lunch at Chen Chen Roasted Duck. The duck was one of the best flavoured ducks...It was delicious.

Although it was just a food stall beside the road, it was flooded with white collar level of people having their lunch there.
The roasted duck that taste real good. Even my mom miss it since the last time she went there.
The sour vegetable soup with ducks bone. My parents say it was nice, it was a bit sour to me although it taste good.

The pork ball soup. Quite nice too...

The food was satisfied and the people there was nice to us. When we've paid for our bill and went off, they say thank you all the way until we went in to our car.

I ate so much on my trip and luckily I didn't gain so much weight, just 1kg. Me and my parents walks quite a lot too, at those shopping mall...=P

p/s: I don't remember where it was located. Anyone?

Night everyone.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

LJMU convocation 2009, KLCC Convention Centre

I'm officially graduated from my Degree course on the 8th March 2009.

The events starts on 11.30a.m at KLCC, but for us, we need to reach there on 8a.m for the robe and registration. Luckily, I reach there on time, if not, I'm going to line up and wait for hours for my turn, especially for the robe, where some of my friends who came later then 8a.m - they wait for more than an hour.

Pic: That's my Uni.

Pic: The robe I'm wearing was all the way from UK. The same robe were UK's students wearing.

Pic: The event hall -Plenery Hall. Huge right? The events held for about one hour thirty minutes.

Pic: Some of my classmate during the studies at LJMU. We want to gather our classmates together, but to difficult to do so.... too much student here & there and parents all over the place.

p/s: How I wish my girl friend who currently working at UK was there with us during the event.=(

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LJMU Convocation Trip at K. L.

Back from KL yesterday afternoon, quite exhausted and my neck and hand's muscle was hurt...

At least I mistakenly took one more day leave due to some misleading answers. lol.. But yet, I can do my stuff... =P

Below was some of the pictures. More coming soon...*grin smile*

Pic: Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. So many toys hang by the owner. A little scary at night I think.Hmm***

Pic: I want to watch that movie... A huge bag for shopping for girls.

Pic: I like those. i bought hair clips, hair bands, mascara - MM, a waterproof, oil proof with fiber in it... just GOOD~~. I bought hair bands from Tangs, Pavilion which was quite cheap, and I saw the same hair band which I'm using now, cost RM49.90 and RM 99.90 at different outlets at Sg. Wang and Mid Valley ---
The advice for today is.... Not pretty places sold expensive stuff/ Not simply outlet sold stuff that all the time was cheap cheap cheap!!!
Pic: My new Crocs sandals. RM 1**.** from the outlet at Bukit Bintang/ outside Isetan.
Pic: Part of my "Treasures" found during that period of five days. A mixture of girl things from high street prices (Isetan, Zara, Cultivation, Debenhams etc...) for working suites and shoes and Sg. Wang for shoes/sandals and Skin Food's products.