Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Crabs Dinner at Restoran Sin Yii Seng - Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

I just came back from a primary school gathering from Upperstar, Damai. Although it's only a few of us, but it was nice to keep in touch with each other sometimes.=)

Remember my KL trip for my convocation ceremony? I had the chance to go Seremban, Negeri Sembilan for my dinner with almost 1 hour ride from KL to there (I think).

My parents' friend bring us to Sin Yii Sing Restaurant which famous for their good foods served. Even the TV show host (Ah Sien) been there to promote the restaurant.=)

The below were dishes that we had that night. My parents' friend just ordered those dishes for us.
It was scrumptious!!! Yummy!!! Especially the crab with marmite.

It was a type of seafood called LALA.Hmmm....taste good, but need to be careful with the hard part that's a bit dangerous for our tongue, its like pieces of broken mirror.

Lamb stew.

Famous Pork leg.

It was one of the fish head mee hoon that I've tried!!! Saw the fish?

For all the meat-ty dishes we had, we need to have a plate of vegetables.

After the nice & full dinner, we went to search for the famous Seremban's "Siew Pow" and had a joy ride around Seremban. There were one outlet which had the nicest smell of "siew pow", but we didn't manage to buy because it was too late & we'd miss out their operating time. =( However, we manage to go to the more commercialised "siew pow" outlet there. We can see from there huge advertisement & it was all over Malaysia, in many restaurant includes East Malaysia - Sabah- Kota Kinabalu.

Pineapple tart.

Salted egg cookies.

See.... the famous "SIEW POW" looks like that.

Remember to eat the "siew pow" when you were there.


  1. You went to a very EXPENSIVE restaurant @ Seremban :(

    Suggest: can go round a bit outskirt area from Seremban, much more delicious food can be found

  2. huh...really? so bad...
    thought it was the best there. my parent's friend bring us there. they told us it was the best...