Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New York New York at 1 Borneo, K. K., Sabah

Just came back home after having a lousy movie night out with my bf & his friends... Don't watch Dairy of the Death...It's horribly lousy and makes me felt sleepy.

Me, my elder sister & one of our friends went to 1 Borneo for shopping. We had our lunch cum high tea at NYNY. I suppose NYNY was a franchise maybe... Well... people was crowded all over the restaurant, and even in every corner that we can see outlets & any other restaurants that they haven't tried before.
We didn't order the huge burger which they're famous for, and we just ordered those below:
Beef Burger. Hmm... The taste was so so... The meet was 80% cook and its smells too much beef... which makes some of us felt.... errrr.....not going to order for the next time.

I think it was Latte... or Chocolate... My sister said that the drink was so so too. Nothing special.

I had Strawberry XXX (forget what it was called, I only remember it had Strawberry in it.

Our friend ordered sort of like Sandwich with Bacon in it. She said the food was nice & had a big portion.
However, I still prefer Fish & Co. Nicer with fish & chips.=)


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