Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Annual Dinner 2009 at Chinese Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel, K. K.

I'm tired today~~

Attended my company's annual dinner at Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel Last Wednesday and at the same day, my family went to Kian Kok Secondary School for the CNY show by those singers from West Malaysia which they had been invited to.

It was the second time (or more) for those singers to come to Sabah for their shows, which I didn't have the chance to join the crowd & meeting them face to face. =(

During the dinner... we had shark fin soup, steam & fried fish in a big plate, lobster, and non but not the least ----- PEKING DUCK!!!! (but I'm having a little sore throat that day)
Here, we have the chance to see the chef slices the duck & put those sliced meat one by one on the flat pancake ("roti kosong" small sized & more thinned) with some onions. Aww... I like to eat onion, I ever ate onion until I felt sick, because it was too heat-ty.

Those left over meat from the duck which can be serve with another type of dish.
Erm..... Forgot what it was called, but it was a bit spicy, but the gravy was nice.

Mushroom with broccoli.

The lobster!!! I like that. It was fried, but it taste quite good eventhough ate one or two pieces... big pieces.

It was chicken, but just with the chicken skin, and there was no meat. It was a type of dish that I never tried before, it was special with Almond at the bottom of the slices chicken cake i.e fish cake.

Overall, the food was nice & the good part for some of us had a good time taking pictures together. *wink*


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