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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Annual Dinner 2009 at Chinese Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel, K. K.

I'm tired today~~

Attended my company's annual dinner at Chinese Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel Last Wednesday and at the same day, my family went to Kian Kok Secondary School for the CNY show by those singers from West Malaysia which they had been invited to.

It was the second time (or more) for those singers to come to Sabah for their shows, which I didn't have the chance to join the crowd & meeting them face to face. =(

During the dinner... we had shark fin soup, steam & fried fish in a big plate, lobster, and non but not the least ----- PEKING DUCK!!!! (but I'm having a little sore throat that day)
Here, we have the chance to see the chef slices the duck & put those sliced meat one by one on the flat pancake ("roti kosong" small sized & more thinned) with some onions. Aww... I like to eat onion, I ever ate onion until I felt sick, because it was too heat-ty.

Those left over meat from the duck which can be serve with another type of dish.
Erm..... Forgot what it was called, but it was a bit spicy, but the gravy was nice.

Mushroom with broccoli.

The lobster!!! I like that. It was fried, but it taste quite good eventhough ate one or two pieces... big pieces.

It was chicken, but just with the chicken skin, and there was no meat. It was a type of dish that I never tried before, it was special with Almond at the bottom of the slices chicken cake i.e fish cake.

Overall, the food was nice & the good part for some of us had a good time taking pictures together. *wink*

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Crabs Dinner at Restoran Sin Yii Seng - Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

I just came back from a primary school gathering from Upperstar, Damai. Although it's only a few of us, but it was nice to keep in touch with each other sometimes.=)

Remember my KL trip for my convocation ceremony? I had the chance to go Seremban, Negeri Sembilan for my dinner with almost 1 hour ride from KL to there (I think).

My parents' friend bring us to Sin Yii Sing Restaurant which famous for their good foods served. Even the TV show host (Ah Sien) been there to promote the restaurant.=)

The below were dishes that we had that night. My parents' friend just ordered those dishes for us.
It was scrumptious!!! Yummy!!! Especially the crab with marmite.

It was a type of seafood called LALA.Hmmm....taste good, but need to be careful with the hard part that's a bit dangerous for our tongue, its like pieces of broken mirror.

Lamb stew.

Famous Pork leg.

It was one of the fish head mee hoon that I've tried!!! Saw the fish?

For all the meat-ty dishes we had, we need to have a plate of vegetables.

After the nice & full dinner, we went to search for the famous Seremban's "Siew Pow" and had a joy ride around Seremban. There were one outlet which had the nicest smell of "siew pow", but we didn't manage to buy because it was too late & we'd miss out their operating time. =( However, we manage to go to the more commercialised "siew pow" outlet there. We can see from there huge advertisement & it was all over Malaysia, in many restaurant includes East Malaysia - Sabah- Kota Kinabalu.

Pineapple tart.

Salted egg cookies.

See.... the famous "SIEW POW" looks like that.

Remember to eat the "siew pow" when you were there.

Friday, January 16, 2009

That time

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Turn back time~~

Pic: Took it at Manchester, uk."Messenger of Peace 1986"

Pic: At York.

Pic: Lake District.

I do miss that 3 month after all... When I felt missing it, I will upload some pictures...So...bear with me ya~~

I'm sick these few days...Had a bad headache, that's makes my head felt like bursting when I'm sitting down & stand up. I felt my eyes was like so small when I look in to the mirror...=(

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New York New York at 1 Borneo, K. K., Sabah

Just came back home after having a lousy movie night out with my bf & his friends... Don't watch Dairy of the Death...It's horribly lousy and makes me felt sleepy.

Me, my elder sister & one of our friends went to 1 Borneo for shopping. We had our lunch cum high tea at NYNY. I suppose NYNY was a franchise maybe... Well... people was crowded all over the restaurant, and even in every corner that we can see outlets & any other restaurants that they haven't tried before.
We didn't order the huge burger which they're famous for, and we just ordered those below:
Beef Burger. Hmm... The taste was so so... The meet was 80% cook and its smells too much beef... which makes some of us felt.... errrr.....not going to order for the next time.

I think it was Latte... or Chocolate... My sister said that the drink was so so too. Nothing special.

I had Strawberry XXX (forget what it was called, I only remember it had Strawberry in it.

Our friend ordered sort of like Sandwich with Bacon in it. She said the food was nice & had a big portion.
However, I still prefer Fish & Co. Nicer with fish & chips.=)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Star Cruise's Trip 2008

I've been reminded by a friend of mine who would love to go on board. Some old pictures during the Star Cruise Trip on Superstar Gemini.

Remember to take a picture with the Cruise!!!

The Restaurant where we had our Gala dinner at night.

Some shows & events that we can join in and have fun or lay back & enjoy the shows..=p

Aww.....I miss that trip, where peoples treating us like someone respectful and about the foods....OMG!!! It's all free and all you can eat from Blue cheese, chocolate day for those who depart from Singapore, pastry, BBQ lamb, beef, salads.... too much to mention, but remember!! Except liquid drinks that we have to order & pay for our bill, just like any hotel. No free alcohol.
We saw some people ate so much that they have gain their weight but that didn't include my
p/s: Anyone in Sabah want to join?? Can contact me...I have good travel agent that I can introduce with satisfied prices. Just leave comment & I'll get back to you~~

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Loving Ramen by Dragon-i, Midvalley Megamall, K. L.

The first day of 2009~

Dragon-i was a restaurant that I've been for few times while visiting KL. It was famous with their hand made Ra-men which cost a little expensive for some of us and it was delicious tho.

Its located at the lobby of Citytell hotel & a walk way to Mid Valley Megamall.

Around 10 of us went to have our dinner there and we ordered the below dishes and each person ordered a bowl of Ra-men or rice to fill up our tummy.

Shi chuan Ra-men

I think it was Zha Jiang Noodles.

Ra-men Soup


I ate that dish but I forgot what it called.

It was a set which includes Pork Chop & Dan Dan Noodles. Spicy noodles.

I think it should be mushroom + pork + etc with rice.

Healthy rice that really taste good.

Fried Beancurd

Xiao Loong Pao. I love to eat the pao-s with some "soup" inside.

Hmm.... Brinjal with a little spicy (Shi Chuan) flavour.

Four season bean

I love to eat noodles - Kerean mee, fried mee hun, hok kian mee etc... any mee (except yellow mee with the weird taste) or pasta that I'm in love with.

I do miss that restaurant~~