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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant, Sabah

Went to Gunter's Gasthaus for the first time on my elder sister birthday on 17th December 2009.

It operates its business at a housing area opposite Kian Kok Secondary School. Not a shoplot, but a house and they stay in there too. It serves German cuisine and the dishes they serve taste differently from other restaurants we went.

Not too salty, not to much tomatoes paste either.

The main entrance to the cozy restaurant. Christmas theme. Lots of lights and flowers around.

Salad that you can eat all you want.

Mushroom soup. And i think there is hotdogs that cuts in to small pieces in the soup.

Brinjal with tomato paste. It serve with rice topping with the brinjal.
Two thumbs up!!

Chicken Pasta with white sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu. Hmm.... It was different from Secret Recipe's ingredients for preparing the same dish. They serve with eggs covering the chicken. Yum!!!

The German Malaysian style Roti Chanai (as Starter). I like!!! If you are Malaysian, you should know Roti Canai where most of us will go to mamak stall for supper or a cup of teh tarik.

Beef paste.

Wowwwwwwwwww........... I love this very much. The pork knuckle. Really bites me off.. Yum Yum!! It costs Rm59.90. It really worth for that price.

Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.

The price was reasonable and for six of us. It cost below Rm200.00 with set dinner (includes soup, dessert, drinks and main course.) and the pork knuckle.


I love the food there, different from Italian food, chinese food and others.
Can't wait for the second time. And my second time would be tomorrow~~ My office is having Christmas Party there, and lucky draw, exchange gift will be tomorrow too!!! Yay!!!!

Pic: Bought L'Occitane's face mask for myself as Christmas gift.

AND the dinner bag from my mother as Christmas present.

Hohoho.... Merry CHRISTMAS for all friends/ bloggers around the world.

Location :
Gunter's Gasthaus - German Restaurant
Batu 2, Tuaran Road
Kota Kinabalu
(Opposite Kian Kok Secondary School)

Tel : 088-217249

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Beauty Diary Mask & D.I.Y

I received my parcel of masks on Wednesday. Purchased those mask from Princess Street. Overall the price that I paid for all the below masks was cheap compared to the same products sold in Guardian and even Watson! In addition, they free me a mask & a eyeliner/brown/lip pen.

I do love the products with smells that are sweet & effective for skins to be smooth and FAIR. =)

I've use the mask for few consecutive days which i really needed those mask to rejuvenate my facial moisture and the "polluted" skin. DARN... girls really had lots of things to care... From head to toes.


I was having fun with my elder sister's colourful ribbons which from Australia (If I'm not wrong) and local ribbons. She didn't use for years and kept them apart, that's why I used it for D.I.Y.

AND the below ribbons was made by me!! Hmm... Any other easy DIY can be done? Any recommendation?

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 Simple dinner at Upperstar, Damai

The more i grow older... the more things to be consider in my life. Trying my best to do my work and felt tired almost everyday.

07 December 2009 -

Went to Upperstar, Damai for Western dinner with my bf. Not Japanese food for this time. Even though there is a new branch located at Lintas, we still go for the restaurant near to our house.

The food was nice, but not to expect too high too.

The price range was within RM5 and above (maybe RM25.00) for meals, which is affordable. by almost everyone. With such presentable both air- conditioned and open air restaurant and had a mixture of TGI Friday feelings.... (Elvis presley photos, guitars etc) all around the corner, above the ceiling etc. Many people gathered there for a cup of juices/ alcoholic drinks, dinner, lunch etc.

Mushroom soup.
Cost : RM5.45 (If I'm not wrong)
I'm a soup person, and their soup contains of blended mushroom which is nice to drink.

Baked mushroom soup.
It cost RM5.95.
They used pastry for the cover of the soup.. The soup was same as the normal mushroom soup, but the pastry was buttery. Smells like butter when I mixed with the soup.

Snack for my bf, he love to eat that. Err... a type of bird which can be found at mamak stall too!!
I like the taste too!!

Grilled chicken.
The chicken texture was soft and quite nice. The white sauce was nice and smooth, and it was specially made by the owner of that restaurant.

Grilled salmon. I love salmon & potatoes. =)
The fish texture was dry and the taste was fishy.. Yet I still like to eat!! hehehehe...

However... I still missed the chips I ate with my friends at UK!!! Arghhhhhh

About other meals~~~~ Their PIZZAS taste real good, is a must if want to go their for a try.

Damai, Lintas Plaza & Sinsuran.

Price: Affordable price which you and me can afford.
RM10.00 for lunch with a combination of a main dish and drinks (depends on location too I think) + taxes.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prime Minister of Malaysia - Tan Sri Panglima Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak

Saw the Prime Minister of Malaysia for the first time at a congress.

Felt like it was unbelievable that I could meet him in person.

The speech he made was natural, with few notes he could give a speech that inspired us.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Found Proton's Vehicles at UK!!

Almost 24 hours journey from Kota Kinabalu ---> Kuala Lumpur ----> U.K.

Yet, I can bump into Malaysia made vehicles. ;)

We even saw Proton's vehicles at Liverpool too!!

During the trip to Conwy Castle, North Wales on one fine day, few of us saw this Proton's Car outside the Castle. and we snap snap snap!!

Hmmm..... I do miss UK, don't I?? *sigh*

Save Money pleaseee!!!

Pic: Some pieces that I bought & remembrance from the visit at Conwy Castle, North Wales.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lunch at Frenz Cafe, Lintas Plaza, K.K., Sabah

*Updates on 27th August, 2013 - No more in operation

Found a new spot for friends to gather for a cup of drink, cakes and meal at my working location.

Frenz Cafe - Starts operating on August (If I'm not mistaken), they serves various cakes, beef/ chicken spaghetti, hot & Cold beverages (teas, juices etc) and some other selections that I don't know.

I love their milk tea with mini pearls. Nice~~ but not many people say that their drinks were good.

Pic: Saw the above & below pictures? There were three different pattern to cover the drinks. =)

I love the juice!!! Orange Juice, sweet flavouring and a mixture of pure orange peels. *****
Justify Full

Beef Spaghetti and Chicken Spaghetti. Hmmm.... My colleague ordered Chicken Spaghetti and she says that it was good with mixture of minced chicken, sliced hotdogs etc on the first lunch we had. However, the second lunch we had, she ordered the had the same dish and she says that the spagetti was so so only...

As for the Beef Spaghetti, its taste was okay... not too bad either, the meat was made of pepperoni.

Besides Spaghetti, they serve Rice too - Chicken Curry Rice and some weird named Rice etc...

Furthermore, they has choices of set lunch at a price of RM9.90 inclusive of a dish of meal (Rice/ Spagetti), soup and a cup of tea to be select from various milk tea selection (Cold/Hot).

Location : Lintas Square, next to Yoyo Cafe.

Well, the night is still boring for me, I think I'm going to sleep early tonight. Good Night!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CLOSED - Firefly - Bar & Grill at K. K. Times Square, K.K., Sabah

Firefly (A bar, a club and a fine dining restaurant) is well known with its club which I didn't get in there to feel the environment on that day when I had the chance.

Itis a hot spot to be by all youngsters now-a days. I've been to the dining place, just next to the club.

I was invited by a friend of mine for her birthday cum gathering with my bf and some of her secondary friends.

The place was crowded with people and it's getting more crowded when the night was getting darker.

The food was nice, especially the Chefs Salad. The salad was well prepared with the nice and delicious flavour from the inside and its look.

Various dishes can be chosen, from chicken, pork, lamb, oysters, salad etc etc can be found.

I choose Garlic Butter Snapper for my dinner that night.
The flavour was good and nice.*****

Chefs Salad --- The most recommended dish by me and my friend.

Lamb Shank. Didn't try out, a friend of mine didn't told me about his opinion. Nice or not?

Honey Brined Pork Chop. I meant PORK!!! The restaurant was Non-Halal.

Stuffed Chicken. Not recommended that much, because of the chicken flavour was too strong and can't be accepted by some of my friends.

The price was quite expensive for some dishes, it can cost until above RM30.00 for a steak!!

The location : It was located at Kota Kinabalu Times Square.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Independence Day and Doulos Ship

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!!!

Today was a public holiday, and person like me was staying home doing cleaning and watching movies just like any other Sunday! Relax and feeling calm~~

At least I'm staying at home and not getting myself with office works.

Besides, Doulos Ship -- International Floating Bookshop had departed at our Sabah port to welcome public for visiting the Ship and the Book Fair.

Pic: Took it with my Cookie -KP500, didn't bring my camera with me justnow!! =(

I saw many people walking to the Ship from far.

p/s: The weather was too hot, kind of burning my skin.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strictly Ballroom by Imperial Ballroom Dancing School

On the 15th August 2009, Imperial Ballroom Dancing School had organised an dancing event named "STRICTLY BALLROOM" at Yayasan Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

The event was held only for members, family and friends, and I got my ticket from my elder sister's friend who is unable to attend the show. The tickets range from RM10.00, RM20.00 and RM30.00 if I'm not mistaken with the price of RM30.00.

Although it was a budgeted show without any sparkling light effect except deeming the light a little, overall the show was really nice and felt warm with all the support from family and friends.

There were few categories for the students who took up the dancing classes. Ranged from below 16 (even Kindergarten children danced with a lot of tactics that make us surprise!!) ; above 16 until the age of 60!!

Just like the title shown ---- Ballroom Dance ---- Any dances that equivalent to it. Quick Steps, Waltz, Tango etc....

There are children and adults that went in for competition and won first prize there and their dances was amazing.

Some students was chubby, but they danced beautifully.

Well... The night are getting dark, I'm going to sleep now.


POTD - Liverpool!

Hey~~~ I miss the wind very much!!

When I can feel the wind again?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dramatic Eyeliner

Something that I would like to share with my girl friends!!

Last week, I've bought a gel eyeliner from Cosway with promotional price.

Before this, I searched these kind of dramatic effect eyeliner for quite sometimes. Finally, I found it!! ;)

Although I'm loving such dramatic make up, but I'm not daring enough to put on it at first until the second attempt with thicker eye line.

I like the eyeliner drawn by Amy Winehouse!! But her's thicker than mine and longer in the end of her eye line.

Pic: L'elan Vital ExtremeWear Gel Eyeliner.

It contains 5g only in a tiny pot, smaller than what we can see in the image shown above. Its comes together with ultra-fine tapered eyeliner for precise application (The eyeliner's stick as shown above)

The texture was ultra-smooth, soft and creamy. Besides, it was waterproof and sweat resistant for all day long. (It's true and I tried for hours). Fast dry texture when applied on our eye.

p/s: I'm happy with the result and I hope that I can draw it better next time. ^^

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sabah 1st Monumental Bird's Nest Concept Ballroom - Promenade Hotel

Last Thursday, I've attended an Appreciation Dinner at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I went there with my elder sister for representing our Travel Agent Company, everyone of us had one door gift before we entered to the Hall. =)

The purpose for that night was to introduce the Master Chef from Guang Zhou, China and the newly furbished Sabah 1st Bird's Nest Rafflesia Grand Ballroom.

Pic: The exterior of the Grand Ballroom. It's look similar with the Olympic Bird's Nest (Beijing National Stadium) but not with rounded corner building.

Pic: 2009 Appreciation Dinner in conjunction with 1 Malaysia.

Pic: The new furbished hall was beautiful internally and externally. As for the lighting, it's will change according to different festival theme. Red for Chinese New Year, Green for Hari Raya, Pink for Valentine Day; Deepavali etc...

The colour for that night was the four main colour of Malaysia's flag. I can't get the whole picture, unless I took it from up above the stage or the ceiling. ;P

Pic: We had quite a fun time with all the musics, life band performance, singing and dancing performance for that night.

Pic: Master Chef from Guang Zhou creatively prepared nine (9) - course Chinese Set Dinner for all the representatives of Travel Agent, Sabah Tourism Board, Secondary Schools, Corporate partners and many others that I can't recall.

The first dish was 1 Malaysia Combination. It had a mix of seafoods, beef, mushrooms etc.

Pic: Braised Chicken with Superior Shark's Fin Soup. Chinese love this soup don't they?
The soup was full of braised chicken that we can't finish!!

Pic: Live band performance with amazing voice and exotic dances (a little).

Pic: Steamed Garoupa "Cantonese Style"

Pic: Master Chef Luo Zhi Yu and Chen Liang from Guang Zhou, China.

Pic: Baked King Prawns with Cheese "Cantonese Style"

Pic: Pan-Fried Ostrich Steak with Honey Sauce

Pic: Promenade's Oxtail Assam Pedas.

Pic: Fried Rice with Seafood and Dry Scallops

Pic: Imitating Beyonce for her songs.

Pic: Yam with Sago in Coconut Milk.

Pic: Kota Kinabalu's very own Emcee who have been invited for almost 200 wedding dinner or events. He can sing, tal and entertain people with laughter. The management had invited him for a song or two.

Overall, the dinner was successful and the set dinner was nice and different from any other dishes at other places or previous concept of their hotel.

p/s: Nice environment for wedding invitation or any other parties.