Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Theme party - Cowboys

I went to a private party organised by "Borneo Stomper" (If I'm not mistaken, I just saw the name once) last week, where it was also known as a group of young and elder people and even Ballroom dancers for line dancing (private group of people that have the same interest with each others). My mom bought us tickets and encourages us to go and have fun with families and friends.

The attires that we have to wear was "cow boy"/country style. The dressing code was being brought down from previous years and they just love it. Saw the hat that I had? The price was so cheap that makes our eyes felt off when we bought it on the day before.

Unexpectedly, I thought that it would be quite bored, but it was quite nice with all the dances i.e: poco-poco and games i,e: Batman, Superman and Spiderman etc....that we can join in together to have fun. And it was hilarious.
I was a little tired after a while, but for the elder people, they were energetic, and they just keeps on dancing dancing and dancing ( includes a little self-rest time & games) from 7.00pm until 11.30pm. And I was like...Wow...My goodness... They were energetic, aren't they tired?? Anyway, it was nice to have such a party there and I'm exhausted.


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