Wednesday, December 10, 2008

POTD - The Air at Liverpool!

Still at shop for now, waiting for the time to pass & go home~~
Imagine the wind.... Strong wind when getting nearer to the port around Albert Dock!!!
Awww....I miss those time there....
The air was cold most of the time even on Summer...."We are going on a summer holiday, no more working for me & you - Cliff Richard". Even though it was summer, but the air was still cold for us. Our face, hands & even feet felt cold... But sometimes felt it worth to be there...compared now in M'sia - easily sweat unless with air-conditioner in place. For those Britian, they just wear T-shirt and casual wear most of the time just like us in Tropical country.
While we are walking, we can hear the sound of wind blowing strongly... wuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~ hehehehe ;P
Eiii....Wearing the same cloths today...except for the bottom. =P