Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant at Damai, K. K.

Wishing all Chinese who celebrate CNY, a happy 冬至 for tomorrow.
One of the favorite Japanese restaurant that he love to be. We went there for his birthday celebration.

It was located at Damai (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah), which above "The Station" - a book store & a phone shop. It already starts operating since years ago.
They serve fresh sea foods - eg. Salmon, prawn etc. I like the food but not the deem environment... It make me sleepy... but almost all Japanese restaurant was like that....

I ordered the set dish below... I forgotten what it was called. I only know the noodles called 'Udon' and at the left was two big prawn & fried vegetable.

=) It was my favorite Salmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... My bf who doesn't love to eat fish, ate the Salmon because Salmon doesn't have the ''fish" smell and he love to eat crab stick sushi and the crab eggs sushi.

I took some pictures only, we also ordered California Roll but I forgot to snap it because he ate those already.
Hmm... I think I didn't make sushi since the day I'm back from UK, maybe making those tomorrow.=P

mt sign off. Lazy to continue writing. Good night.

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